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WachterJul 1, 2019 9:04:00 AM3 min read

Lowell Office Hosts Engaging Job Site Safety Fair for Wachter Employees

In most cases, office and job site safety is no laughing matter. But at the inaugural Wachter Safety Fair, employees learned about proper safety procedures with fun, engaging activities.

Wachter’s First Job Site Safety Fair

At the fair, employees participated in a photo booth, ladder safety demonstration, how to report safety incidents, how to administer first aid, learned how to safely operate a scissor lift, signed a safety pledge banner, and competed in a race to quickly put on PPE (personal protective equipment). Employees were also able to win prizes in a raffle if they had attended each safety booth and got their “Safety Passport” stamped.

Shanna Perry, Quality Assurance and Safety Field Resource Manager, organized the event in collaboration with the Field Resource Management team, and senior leadership from NSP and the Lowell LBU.

“Originally it was not a fair, it was a small indoor event for us to get our office employees more involved and aware of Wachter’s Safety culture,” Perry said. “Next thing we knew, it’s an outdoor Safety Fair for the entire office and every department is helping out in some way.”

Leading up to the fair, Perry was eager to see how her coworkers would interact with the activities planned, and how they could learn about safety in a fun environment.

There were three activities that garnered a lot of attention: the photo booth, the PPE race, and learning how to operate a scissor lift. At the photo booth, employees wore safety vests, hardhats, and posed with creative signs about safety.

The PPE race was a hit among the most competitive employees. Employees raced each other to see who could put on their PPE gear the quickest. The had to put on a hardhat, safety glasses, boots, lanyard, safety vest, and gear straps before their competitor. Mike McMillan took first place in completing the PPE race in one minute, 10 seconds, followed by Brian Best in second, and James Marshall in third place.

Employees who participated in the fair could also learn how to safely operate a scissor lift and were taught and accompanied by Field Resource Manager Troy Hall. Hall instructed employees not just about the different functions of operating the lift, but more importantly to watch surroundings and being mindful of job sites and the people who work there.

Though this fair was a fun way to teach employees not as familiar with safety procedures, the reality is that our electricians and technicians are continually trained on safety procedures each day they arrive at a job site. Wachter Safety Manager Brian Johnson attended the first Wachter Safety Fair to observe these fun activities.

“We want you to go home in the same condition as you got to work,” Johnson said. “Wachter requires safety training at the time of hire, when observed not following policies, [and] when job conditions change… Wachter is very serious about safety, and want our employees to help each other be safe each and every day.”

In addition to the fun activities, food and drinks were served, and a Red Wing Shoes sales truck was onsite so employees could purchase new boots.

Wachter’s Commitment to Job Site Safety and Safety Everywhere

Another event that received quite the participation was reading the Wachter Safety Pledge and signing the Wachter Safety Banner. For employees on job sites and in the office, the commitment to safety is not something to be taken lightly.

What started as originally a small indoor event turned into something greater for many employees.

“People should look forward to learning about Wachter’s Safety Culture in a new way and developing a better understanding of what our field employees go through on a day to day basis,” Perry said.