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As a leading Internet of Things solutions provider, Wachter implements innovative new technologies and integrations.

Internet of Things


What is the Internet of Things? Essentially, adding sensors and M2M technologies to connect every device and system to send and receive data.

But which devices should you connect? What information do you need to extract? What processes could you automate?

You need an Internet of Things solutions partner like Wachter to help discover these answers, then design and deploy an IoT solution to meet your organization’s goals.


Wachter is a Leading Integrator of IoT and EDGE technology

Intel has recognized Wachter, Inc. as a 2021 U.S. Channel Partner of the Year. Wachter is an emerging technology partner to Intel and is recognized as a nationwide leading integrator for IoT solutions and EDGE technologies.

Wachter delivers unique technology solutions and incorporates Internet of Things (IoT) and edge technologies for companies of all sizes. Contact us today to learn how Wachter integrates IoT devices and EDGE technologies.

As leading Internet of Things solutions providers, Wachter’s engineers and project managers help you define and achieve IoT success. IoT data points include:


Track customer dwell time at an end cap, truck loading and unloading time at a dock, or real-time speeds on a production line.


Measure traffic patterns for: customers in your store, drivers at a traffic light, or patients in your healthcare facility.


From simple motion detectors and door pull sensors to complex IP video analytics packages that automatically notify you of an unexpected motion event captured on camera.


Be alerted when scheduled maintenance is due, or use sensors to detect changes in factors like temperature, speed, or pressure that indicate potential problems.


Send relevant push messages as customers move through your retail store, or apply beacon technologies beyond retail to improve patient satisfaction, augment smart building technology by measuring points of occupancy, or implement beacon-enabled wayfinding.

Additional Services:
  • Cisco Certified Engineers
  • Integrated Enterprise Networks
  • Industrial IoT Technology
  • RFID Asset Tracking
  • Integrated Video Surveillance Solutions
  • Install and Service Switchgear
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • 24 Hour Help Desk
  • Emergency Repair
  • Edge Technologies

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