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Logistics Technology Integrator | Wachter, Inc.

Leading Provider of Logistics Technology

Wachter drives operational efficiencies through logistics technology integrations.

Wachter Advances Logistics Technology

Wachter is your single source for designing, deploying, and servicing the latest logistics technologies to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and give you a competitive edge.

Wachter's engineers and technicians help you streamline your business and drive down operational costs through logistics technology, including:

Logistics Cybersecurity

Wachter engineers discover vulnerabilities in your processes and develop a cyber hardening strategy to protect your supply chain against cyber terrorism and malicious hacking.

Energy Efficiency

We design and implement energy efficient solutions, including facility-wide lighting retrofits and smart building control systems.

Enhanced Networking

Wachter can design a robust wireless local area network (WLAN) for VoIP and RFID, and upgrade your wireless and mobility technologies for anywhere connectivity.

Wachter's Wireless Networking Capabilities

Warehouse Automation

Wachter helps you automate processes and data analytics through automation controls for labeling, picking, and packing; RFID and video systems to track packages and reduce shrinkage; and mobile technologies to manage your packages after they leave the warehouse.

Additional Logistics Technology Solutions

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