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Protect your assets with the latest in access control, video surveillance, and physical security technology from Wachter.

Physical Security


From standard retail and commercial establishments, to heavily-regulated corrections and healthcare environments, to leading-edge data centers and integrated IoT solutions: Wachter designs, deploys, and delivers maintenance and managed services for all physical security solutions.

Wachter Provides Innovative Physical Security Technology

Wachter’s engineers and nationwide W2 workforce provide systems design, IP migration planning, staging and configuration, nationwide deployment, and depot maintenance.

Let Wachter help you with:

  • Systems design
  • IP migration planning
  • Staging and configuration
  • Nationwide deployment
  • Service and depot maintenance

Implementing Physical Security Solutions in Education

Physical security is now seen as a long-term investment and a long-term solution for businesses and institutions alike. Education is one of the latest industries to introduce modern physical security technology throughout their buildings for the safety of students and faculty.

But how does a school district integrate this cutting-edge technology across their campuses? Better yet, how can you design and maintain physical security measures without disrupting the learning environment?

Wachter completed an education security project for a nationally-ranked public school district in New Jersey. Our physical security team designed and integrated these technologies to enhance their existing systems.

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