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Compare Video Management Systems | Wachter, Inc.

Compare Video Management Systems (VMS)

Wachter integrates the best VMS to meet your needs — see our recommendations for good, better, and best video management systems.

Small Business, Mid-Size, and Enterprise VMS Options

Wachter is a technology-agnostic integrator (meaning we provide the best solution for your project, regardless of manufacturer).

But sometimes there are so many choices it can become overwhelming.

We've created this guide to help you compare video management systems and make choosing the best VMS for you easy! 

Which VMS is Right for My Business? Compare Video Surveillance Management Systems:

Wachter integrates three simple, but powerful solutions — one for every budget and desired functionality.

As a leading nationwide physical security solutions integrator, Wachter can help you select the appropriate video surveillance management system (VMS) to monitor each of your physical locations.

Through partnerships with industry leaders like Axis Communications, IPConfigure, and Milestone Systems, Wachter implements the right video surveillance management solution for any need.

Whichever option you choose, these systems allow you to be proactive rather than reactive.

  • VMS systems alert you to unexpected events in real time

  • Easily view events live or on-demand

  • Realize ROI across the organization

  • With managed security solutions, Wachter ensures your VMS is operational and connected to the network

In this modern environment, video surveillance becomes a business system to drive operational efficiencies.

No longer a capital drain on IT, loss prevention, and security budgets — the data you can extract from these solutions make them valuable assets for marketing, operations, and beyond.

Axis Camera Station

Cost: $


Ideal for: Entry-Level

With Axis Camera Station, Wachter provides a cost-effective entry-level video management system with the ability to control and interface with Axis’s line of access control products.


Core capabilities

  • Optimized for Axis’ network video products

  • Quick system setup and intuitive operation

  • Efficient investigation and high definition identification in up to 4K Ultra HD

  • Extensive support organization

  • Integrations with Axis:

    • Network door controllers

    • Network door stations

    • Network I/O relay module

IP Configure

Cost: $$


Ideal for: Mid-Sized

With IPConfigure, Wachter delivers a cloud video management platform for entry-level to mid-sized video operations with the ability to convey the core VMS features to a single cloud login across multiple sites.

The web browser interface requires no applications to install on devices or workstations.

By combining IPConfigure with our other core technology partners, Wachter delivers a platform offering simplified site management and the basic VMS operations of a much larger federated system.


Core capabilities

  • Ease of Use

  • Local and remote access to live and recorded video through an intuitive web browser interface

  • Uniform interface regardless of device

  • Hardware Independent (cameras are supported via industry-standard ONVIF)

  • Standalone site platform (Orchid) capable of integrating into a multi-site solution (Fusion)

  • Active Directory Support (Fusion Only)


Cost: $$$


Ideal for: Enterprise

Milestone Systems is Wachter’s standard enterprise-level video management system (VMS).

This industry leader provides enterprise-class options and a wide range of integrations to best support our customers’ large installations. 

The Milestone product line also supports mid- and entry-level installations that have the capability to scale over time into a larger federated system.


Core capabilities

  • Various deployment models

    • Single-site

    • Multi-site

    • Multi-server

  • Scalable from one model to the next

  • Redundancy and HA options available

  • Distributed operations

  • Enterprise features such as Active Directory integration


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