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Elecrical Systems Contractor | Wachter, Inc.

Leading Nationwide Electrical Systems Contractors

From our founding as a local electrical contractor in 1930 to our nationwide expansion that continues today, Wachter has provided unmatched design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems.


Our nationwide design, engineering, construction and emergency electrical service capabilities are recognized nationally.

We have extensive expertise in mission-critical data facilities, healthcare, commercial, industrial construction, and alternative energy projects.

Wachter can install any electrical technology in most any facility, anywhere across the U.S. Our electrical systems expertise includes:

Nationwide Electrical Solutions

Wachter’s nationwide team of 1,400 W2 employees allows us to tackle any electrical construction, rollout, maintenance, or emergency service project — anywhere in the U.S.

Constant Presence

Wachter can deploy a single full-time electrician or a team of 100+ to provide any of our electrical systems services, including pipe and wire, PLC, motors, transformers, UPS systems, lighting, power distribution, preventative maintenance, and more. Wachter's Constant Presence Solutions

Critical Power Systems

Can’t afford to lose power?

Wachter’s critical power solutions include redundant electrical service, permanent backup generators, hookups for temporary generators, and uninterruptible power supply (UPS).


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