How Employees Keep Connected & Productive with Touchless Meetings

Wachter’s Touchless Meetings solution gets business back on track and keeps employees healthy. With touchless meetings, in-office employees can connect to remote workers and customers.

Touchless meetings are easy to integrate and have four capabilities: join via proximity, connect to and control meetings by voice, scan a QR code, and digital signage reminders for meetings.

Join via proximity allows for employees to connect to a touchless meeting in three easy steps:

  1. Walk into the meeting room
  2. Opening their mobile device
  3. Start or join the meeting

Employees can start and join meetings just by using their voice. In voice-controlled meeting rooms, employees can say various prompts, such as: "start the meeting," "join the meeting," or "remind me when another meeting starts in 5 minutes."

Another easy way for employees to join meetings is by simply scanning a QR code with their smartphone. Then a webpage will appear on the smartphone with the same controls as displayed on the meeting room's touch screen or remote control device.

Digital signage displays remind coworkers when a touchless meeting is occurring, but can also remind in-office employees of public health information, company news, weather, and more content.

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Additional Touchless Meetings Benefits

  • HD digital signage displays
  • Integration with AI-powered personal assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Bluetooth compatibilities
  • Join meetings impromptu or "on-the-go"
  • Reserve meetings in all conference rooms and meeting spaces

Touchless meetings have excellent capabilities that help employees connect to customers and coworkers both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Get in touch with us today for this innovative, configurable, and safe solution.