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TempWatch Temperature Monitoring COVID-19 and CDC Questionnaire

Pandemic Technology Detects Elevated Temperatures to Protect From Infectious Diseases

Temperature Detection Technology Helps Protect from COVID-19

Wachter partners with industry leaders to bring you TempWatch, an innovative facial detection technology to bring you real-time temperature detection accurate to 1/10th of a degree.

By integrating security cameras powered by thermal technology, you can detect elevated temperatures in everyone who enters your facility.

This technology can help distinguish individuals who may be contagious with an illness before they enter your building. TempWatch is technology to fight COVID-19.


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How can TempWatch help you?

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Tap into Artificial Intelligence and Thermal Technologies

Wachter brings a body temperature monitoring system designed to detect individuals with abnormal body temperatures. The AI face detection algorithm can distinguish individuals in a crowd and provide their respective face temperatures.

TempWatch Temperature Detection Features

  • AI Facial Detection

  • Temperature Measurement via Machine Vision Thermal Camera

  • Alarms for Facial Temperatures Exceeding Thresholds

  • No Operator Intervention Required

  • Powered by Thermal Technology

  • Integrate with Access Control Systems

  • Visual Annunciation – Go / Stop

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TempWatch Protects Your Workforce & Customers

Instantly detect elevated temperatures in employees, contractors, and visitors. Turn away those who may be contagious before they have the opportunity to contaminate your facility or infect your workforce.
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