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Transportation Technology Experts

A thriving public transit system benefits more than just the riders. Communities flourish when citizens can travel from home to work, from shopping to entertainment — while reducing clogged roadways.

And transportation technology drives transit success.

Wachter Integrates Transportation Technology

Whether it's connecting disparate legacy systems, solving real-world business problems, or bringing your wildest dreams of innovation to life — Wachter is your transportation technology partner.

Wachter designs, integrates, deploys, and supports any transportation technology in any location, nationwide.

Video Surveillance

Maximize security and safety with state-of-the-art closed-circuit TV (CCTV) and perimeter access control systems, facial recognition, video behavioral analytics, and more.

Wachter's Physical Security Capabilities

Modern Networking Solutions

Develop mobile and cloud-based technology solutions to stay better connected with passengers. And update your infrastructure to provide depot and in-vehicle connectivity without any interruption in passenger service.

Wachter's Wireless Networking Capabilities


Energy Savings

Dramatically lower energy costs with integrated building control systems and energy-efficient lighting retrofits.

Wachter's Energy Efficiency Capabilities

Electrical Systems

Maintain or update critical power systems to take care of passengers, even in an emergency.

Wachter's Electrical Capabilities

Additional Transportation Technology Solutions

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