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Pre-Deployment Staging & Configuration

Wachter delivers installation-ready hardware. We prepare your equipment pre-deployment in our ISO 27001 certified integration center. Protect your technology investments with Wachter.

Wachter Delivers Staging & Configuration

Wachter helps you save time and minimize risk by preparing your technology — to meet your organization’s specific needs — in our state-of-the-art ISO 27001 certified integration center. Consistent, documented processes ensure accurate and timely assembly, configuration, testing and burn-in of your equipment.

Wachter's expert engineers, technicians, and electricians prepare your solutions in our state-of-the-art staging and configuration centers, including:

Cutting-Edge Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities incorporate full electro-static discharge (ESD) operation, 24/7 generator-backed guaranteed power, and custom automated tools for efficiency and to ensure scalability to meet your project timeline.

Expert Installation

Our expert installers will deploy your pre-configured technology at one location or for a multi-site rollout.

Because your equipment is pre-configured, we deliver a seamless installation that saves you time, money, and risk.


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