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Industrial Grain Technology Integrators | Wachter, Inc.

Grain Handling & Processing Technology Integrator

Wachter integrates grain handling technologies at every stage of production.

Wachter Integrates Grain Handling Technology

Wachter integrates and deploys the latest in IIoT and automation and controls systems to drive operational efficiencies and reduce costs in your grain handling and processing operation. We’re a Rockwell Automation Solutions Partner and Cisco Gold Partner with proven grain expertise.

Wachter's innovative grain handling technology solutions enable your success:

Grain Technology Migration

Wachter migrates obsolete controls technologies to modern scalable alternatives, including DCS replacements and PLC upgrades.

Wireless Networking

Our Cisco-certified engineers design and deploy grain industry networking solutions including switch / router configuration and security.

Wachter's Networking Capabilities

Grain Handling Data Solutions

Our Wachter industrial engineers are experts at identifying and tapping into data sources to solve real-world client problems

Grain System Specifics

  • Instrumentation, Calibration, and Testing
  • SCADA / HMI systems
  • Computer virtualization
  • DCS / Process / Batching expertise
  • PlantPAx process automation systems


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