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Data Center Technology Integrators | Wachter, Inc.

Data Center Deployments & Integrators

Wachter has three decades of experience integrating IT networks and supporting data centers, and a nationwide workforce capable of deploying your data center technologies at one location or hundreds.


Wachter Maximizes Data Center Efficiency

Wachter’s engineers and technicians help your data center or colocation maximize efficiency and minimize costs. Wachter's data center capabilities are endless, including: expanding overall capabilities and reach without expanding infrastructure footprint, upgrading critical power to incorporate new equipment, implementing energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems, and end-to-end colocation and data center design and build, consolidation, and redesign / migration services.

Wachter provides turnkey design-build services and integrated technology solutions for data centers, colocation facilities, and IT rooms, including:

Mission Critical

Built-in redundancy and secure, reliable technology to ensure uptime for mission-critical computing.

Whether your mission is to save the world, or something a little closer to home — Wachter has your mission-critical data center needs covered.

Critical Power

Wachter’s data center electrical experts help ensure uptime with redundancy, UPS, cooling towers, monitoring, and maintenance.

We’ll help you maximize TCO and PUE for your data center or colocation facility.

Wachter's Critical Power Capabilities

Data Center Integration

Wachter designs scalable, agile, integrated data center solutions that ensure your networking infrastructure, hardware, and software work together.


Data Center Consulting

Wachter’s experts will help you analyze costs and benefits of data center strategies such as virtualization, compartmentalization, consolidation, and convergence. Wachter's Technology Consulting Services

Data Center Partnerships

Wachter maintains partnerships and holds certifications with major manufacturers including:

  • Cisco Gold Partner
  • CommScope
  • Panduit
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