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Industrial and Manufacturing Technology | Wachter, Inc.

Industrial Technology Experts

Wachter knows manufacturing technology and industrial electrical contracting. Operating in Kansas City since 1930 and nationwide for three decades, we’ve serviced industrial clients since the beginning.

Wachter Implements Industrial Technology Solutions

Wachter is your single source for designing, installing, and maintaining the latest manufacturing technologies that give you an edge in a competitive environment. And our engineers will help you discover ways to increase operational efficiencies and drive down costs by tapping into the technology investments and data sources you already have.

Wachter is your single-source industrial technology expert. If it runs in your shop, we can power it, connect it, and extract data from it.

Industrial IoT

With the Industrial Internet of Things, Wachter connects all the systems in your facility to drive productivity, reduce downtime, and increase safety. Wachter's Industrial IoT Solutions

Industrial Cyber Security

Industrial cyber security attacks are expected to become more prevalent – and these critical industries are often unprotected.

Wachter keeps your plant networks, industrial controls systems, and overall operations secure.

Industrial Electrical Contracting

Wachter’s industrial electrical team installs critical power systems in industrial and manufacturing facilities of all kinds, nationwide.


Constant Presence

Wachter provides full-time electricians and technicians as a staff augmentation service to industrial and manufacturing clients.

From a single worker to an entire crew, our Constant Presence has you covered.

Industrial Networking

Wachter’s industrial networking team will connect your facilities — at one location or thousands.

We provide industrial data, wireless, telephone, and security solutions.

Wachter's IT Networking Solutions

Additional Industrial Technology Services

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