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WachterJul 21, 2023 3:23:22 PM3 min read

Super Charge Your Security: Implement Multi-Location Access Control

Implementing strategic access control is pivotal to fortifying your facilities and safeguarding your assets against potential threats. It is concerning to know that 28% of businesses Super Charge Your Security: Implement Multi-Location Access Control experienced a surge in physical security incidents in 2022. As alarm bells sound across the country, ask yourself: do you truly have control of who is entering your facility?

From adopting the right technology to refining policies, significantly enhance the protection of your facilities. Join us as we dive into the world of access control and discover how it can supercharge your security, provide peace of mind, and protect what matters most. 

Enhanced Security: Selecting the Right Technology 

In a market saturated with access control and security options, who do you trust to provide the right solution for your business, school, or healthcare facility? From pin pads to biometric scanners, access control systems can be as technologically advanced as the end user requires.  

Your team’s budget, system requirements, and size of facility are all going to be deciding factors into which system is right for you. When making this determination, simply ask yourself four questions: 

How many entrances and exits do I have? How many of these need to be secured? What level of security do I need? What is my budget and how advanced does this system need to be for my employees or customers? 

Evaluating your needs and reflecting on the above will help you determine the right system in line with your current requirements. Additionally, as with any physical security solution, something off the shelf that claims to be “one-size-fits-all" has the potential to leave you and your team vulnerable in the midst of looming threats. 

Clear Guidelines for Concentrated Security 

Access control solutions that lack clear guidelines are not only ineffective but significantly costlier than not having access control technology at all. Nevertheless, neglecting the implementation of access control exposes you to potential vulnerabilities.  

Therefore, it’s imperative that your access control policies are communicated clearly and your staff is trained on proper protocols. 

Managing Visitor Access + Advanced Security 

Integrating your new access control system within a comprehensive physical security solution is a two-pronged approach to protecting you, your team, and your assets. 

With an integrated approach, you know, at all times, who is entering and exiting your facility. Are able to quickly confirm that your secure perimeter has been breached, by whom, and swiftly take the proper action. Or easily determine that this was merely a false alarm and the only action needed is working to mitigate the trigger of the false alert.

As your access control system works in lockstep with the rest of your physical security apparatus, your team will be able to work more effectively and more efficiently at protecting what matters most. 

Access Control Is Securing Facilities Now 

The implementation of access control protocols is crucial for operating secure facilities. Through the utilization of the right technology, implementing clear guidelines, and integration within your legacy physical security system, businesses can protect valuable assets, maintain the safety of occupants, and gain valuable peace of mind. 

Remember, securing your facilities is an ongoing process that requires continuous evaluation, adaptation, and vigilance. Stay proactive, implement a clear process, and create a secure environment that safeguards what matters most. 

Whether you have a dedicated team devoted to protecting your assets or need the support of a trusted team of advisors to walk alongside you through the process, Wachter’s team is available to perform risk assessments, integrate and install your chosen solution, or provide a comprehensive suite of managed services. 

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