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WachterMar 28, 2023 11:38:57 AM5 min read

Top Five Tips for Building a Robust Physical Security Solution

Today, security is among the top concerns of business owners — it is one of the most critical investments you can make in protecting your business's valuable assets and people. Physical security solutions are becoming ever more advanced, and a robust solution is well withinTop Five Tips PhySec Blog Banner reach – but only if you know how to choose the right one. In this blog post, we share our top five physical security tips for creating an effective solution that will leave nothing to chance.

Let us dive in!

Tip 1: Conduct A Risk Assessment

Our first physical security tip is to stay aware. As a business owner, you must proactively plan and assess your risks. Your security needs are unique compared to other businesses and partners. A risk assessment will help identify vulnerabilities in your system and create a tailored solution that works for YOU. Perform a security audit as part of your risk assessment to safeguard against unwanted surprises.

A security audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your existing security measures, procedures, and vulnerabilities. It plays a vital role in building a robust physical security solution by identifying weaknesses, assessing potential risks, and providing insights for creating a tailored security plan. By setting scheduled times to conduct and perform a security audit, you can create a customized solution that only works for your organization, ensuring maximum security for you and your customers.

Tip 2: Create Multiple Layers of Protection

Our second physical security tip for businesses is to consider multiple levels of technology. A robust physical security solution should include multiple layers of protection, such as access control, video surveillance, analytics, and alarms. These options are affordable and often overlooked, yet remain highly effective. There are robust solutions available for every organization, so you can choose what’s best for you and your business. 

Physical security applications, such as fence tampering alarms, ground motion sensors, and even thermal cameras, can produce an elevated level of security. Maximize your security efforts and save on labor costs with an integrated technology system like surveillance cameras, door sensors, access control, and more.

By combining these tools, you can achieve heightened protection and an intelligent security system that can talk to itself. 

An outdoor security camera can be part of a robust physical security solution for your businessTip 3: Don’t Be Afraid to Innovate

As the world evolves at an unprecedented pace, organizations must adapt and innovate around physical security to prevent the increased targeting of malicious intent. That’s where our third physical security tip comes in: choose innovation. With new technologies emerging every day, looking at all the solutions available can be overwhelming. Talk with a consultant or risk auditor about some of your biggest problems and pain points to see possible solutions. Without modern solutions, labor costs may continue to rise while exposing businesses to severe risk — something all leaders must consider when formulating their strategies for the next year.

Labor rates are going up and up and up. However, there is hope. “By taking advantage of your existing resources and technology and adding in new integrated solutions, you can revolutionize your physical security with a complete technology package that reduces reliance on in-person and even remote guarding hours and has a quick ROI,” said Wachter's Manager of Strategic Innovation, Mike Dunn.  "The capabilities of security today can leverage new technology for excellent protection and increased coverage. Business owners are experiencing impressive results from using new cameras, sensors, and analytics to monitor people approaching a perimeter or building. Then they’re using that technology to call in the one security guard on-site, or even getting faster help from law enforcement with verified alarms and suspect descriptions."

Imagine taking it one step further by utilizing audio/visual technology to give direct feedback from an expert overseeing multiple locations simultaneously! Once again, helping to cut down on the rising labor costs while providing a better working environment for the system operator, securing system improvements without compromising any level of security in the process.

Tip 4: Regularly Test and Maintain Your System

Our fourth physical security tip for businesses is to maintain your system effectively. Maintaining security is more than just fixing or replacing a broken device; it is about regularly testing your system and proactively monitoring it to ensure it’s running at peak performance. You can effortlessly identify issues through testing and maintenance before they develop into real-time vulnerabilities.

Doing simple things like keeping your cameras clean and aimed at the intended point of view can keep your system running as designed. There is nothing worse than trying to pull video after an event, only to realize that the camera wasn’t looking where it should, or worse, it’s been offline for over a week.

It is essential to ensure that your internal systems function optimally and continue to integrate into your physical security system. For example, regularly check cameras and ensure all software is up to date with the latest compatible firmware. 

A robust security solution should include multiple layers of protection as well as innovative products

Tip 5: Train Your Staff

Our final tip for building a robust security system for your business is to take the time to train your staff. Often, human error is the most significant physical security threat to your organization. From lack of risk assessment, poor access control management, and intruder detection to failure to report an issue, human error can cause a system to fail. Training employees on physical security and their role in maintaining a secure environment are imperative for running a secure operation.

By regularly training your staff and ensuring they feel partial ownership over keeping physical security threats at bay, you are another step closer to ensuring your most important items are secure. Then, by adding analytics and operational reporting, you can ensure the training works. 

Protect Your Assets with Wachter

If you’re looking for improved security, these five physical security tips for businesses are a great start. Investing in comprehensive risk assessment and deploying varied solutions are essential for achieving the best physical security available. Stay ahead of intruders, both physical and cyber-attacks, with emerging technologies, maintain your system regularly to fix potential weaknesses before they become breaches, and equip staff members with training. These steps empower employees by teaching them valuable knowledge that can help protect against risks!

Whether you have a dedicated team that can perform a risk assessment and implement continuous changes as the technology updates, or you need a full-service partner at the forefront of this industry, Wachter's team is here to help.

As a trusted ally at the forefront of technology, Wachter will help you navigate this transition with expertise. Our integrated solutions and 24/7/365 managed services promise uninterrupted business continuity — no matter what may come your way.

Are you ready to learn more about Wachter's Physical Security solutions? Connect with our team today and see how we can help protect your business.

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