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WachterAug 31, 2020 1:42:44 PM1 min read

Introducing Wachter Day!

Throughout the 90-year history of Wachter, we've made great strides.

We've innovated and implemented new solutions for our clients and our company. We've shared countless stories of our success, our lasting relationships with clients and partners, and we've shown our resiliency despite the adversities along the way.

The many amazing strides we've made as a company started because of our founder, William Wachter. Born August 29, 1898 in Zurich, Switzerland, William made a name for himself as a leader in electrical services for Kansas City businesses and buildings that still stand today.

To celebrate our history and the achievements inspired by William Wachter's vision, we're announcing the first annual Wachter Day! Wachter Day will be celebrated every year on the last Friday of August.

We'd like to encourage our employees, leadership, family, and friends to celebrate this momentous occasion with us each year. We will be sharing quotes from our employees of why they came to work at Wachter, why they continue their careers with Wachter and their most favorite stories of their time here at Wachter.

This year has shown to be another year of adversity that we are overcoming. We wish that all our employees in locations across the country could celebrate together in person, but sadly we cannot. We've all had plans that fell through and had to make changes in our lives, with our families and friends, and even in our businesses. 2020 is no exception.

However, as we've faced many adversities in our 90 years, we still are celebrating how far we've come. That is the Wachter way; to continue forward with innovation and safety in mind.

We are wishing a happy inaugural Wachter Day to all employees near and far!

Welcoming Employees to Share Their Favorite Stories of Working at Wachter

We're welcoming employees to share about their time at Wachter with this survey below. Employees are welcomed to submit responses to questions of what made them come to work at Wachter, why they continue working at Wachter, and if they'd like to share a favorite story of their time working at Wachter.