Wachter Jan 13, 2023 11:51:35 AM 8 min read

Bricks and Clicks: How to Create a Seamless Shopping Experience

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Staying relevant is the name of the game in today's retail environment. While industry tendencies and the latest products change as quickly as Gen-Z's embrace of the latest social media app, one trend has held steady: the surge that is online shopping. 



Over the past two decades, digital commerce has revolutionized retail. To stay competitive and better serve customers, notable brands have employed omni-channel strategies to bridge physical stores with their mobile

counterparts; offering pick-up services for online purchases or assigning shoppers personal advisors who keep track of them across platforms are some examples. By providing faster checkouts, using self-service kiosks and convenient payment methods such as mobile payments, companies can create a personalized approach that will leave lasting impressions on customers by meeting them in whatever format is most effective for THEM. Seamless technology integrations enable all of this!


Retail Experiences That Impress

To remain competitive in an ever-growing digital retail market, brick-and-mortar stores must offer customers more than just a transaction. A great customer experience is essential to keep people coming through the door.


Retailers must now consider how to create an interactive, convenient shopping experience for customers in their stores. Allowing shoppers the chance to "touch and feel" products provides invaluable context that can make or break a potential purchase. By integrating technology such as QR codes into stores, organizations can bridge the gap between digital purchasing power and physical retail locations - giving buyers access to virtual options and same-day delivery services when it comes time to take home large items! Wayfinding updates bring business owners up to speed on these latest trends to remain competitive in today's market.


Wachter Makes Retail Easy Through Targeted Data

Creating that seamless journey can be easier than it seems. Stores are already full of innovation and technology. However, sometimes those technologies are siloed within specific areas. The sales and marketing potential are nearly unlimited through cross-department coordination and allowing those data points to interact with each other.  


Wachter's team can help you create a unified journey for your customers, from the checkout line to the online search bar. Unlocking data points gives you numerous opportunities to connect with shoppers in-store via apps and beacons - resulting in an enhanced shopping experience that leads to increased conversion rates!


Wachter's White Glove Service Makes for Easy Deployment and Beyond

In this age of digital transformation, businesses need to be diligent in their efforts to stay ahead of the curve. Wachter is committed to helping our clients succeed by simplifying the complexities of transformation and providing a seamless customer experience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transform your business!


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