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Audiovisual installation, cabling infrastructure, and lifecycle services for a broad range of low voltage technologies for businesses in metropolitan Seattle


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Keeping Your Business Connected

Wachter’s Seattle Local Business Unit (LBU) keeps your business connected by serving as one of the region’s leading structured cabling installation and IT networking companies.
Our team works to take the pain out of digital disruption, and poise your company for strategic growth through digital initiatives.


Wachter’s Local Business Units (or LBUs) are strategically placed across the country, and work with local businesses in their region.


Business Security Solutions

Securing your facility is no easy task to accomplish on your own.

Wachter's physical security experts identify the right technologies to secure your business.

Our partnerships provide innovative physical security, access control, and audiovisual technologies that we integrate and install for businesses in the Seattle area.

Access control installation is one of the several solutions we provide to securing businesses in Seattle.

Choose Wachter to reliably secure your business.

Wachter's Physical Security Solutions

Engaging Audiovisual Solutions

Audiovisual installation enhances employee and customer experiences. Wachter is the go-to audiovisual systems installer and integrator in Seattle.

We pride ourselves on creating lasting partnerships with A/V companies to provide innovative audiovisual devices.

Our team works to design the right audio and visual layout that engages with customers, informs employees, and drives the messaging that's most important to your business.

These A/V solutions are perfect for restaurants, retailers, grocery stores, offices, and many more businesses in Seattle.

Wachter's Audiovisual Solutions

IT Networking Solutions

Business today is conducted via reliable connections to the internet. Keeping your business running digitally is one of our many fields of expertise.

Wachter can design, install, and maintain wireless IT networks that keep your employees and customers connected.

Some of the IT services we provide in the Seattle area include structured cabling installation, data center management, outdoor fiber optic cable installation, IP phone systems, and more.

Wachter's IT Networking Capabilities


Sound Masking Systems

Office spaces can be hectic and noisy at inconvenient times. With a sound masking system, employees are able to have conversations without bothering coworkers.

These innovative solutions improve the acoustics of the office and drown out loud noises that normally everyone in proximity can hear clearly.

A sound masking solution can improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

Contact us for a sound masking solution in Seattle today.


Design Services

Wachter's office in Seattle works to set your business up for success. To start, we'll consult with you on how to solve your most complex challenges.

From there, Wachter's team will design a solution and coordinate technologies for installation or integration.

Contact Wachter Seattle today for technology design and engineering solutions.

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How Seattle Businesses can Navigate the Pandemic Safely

Life in Seattle has changed drastically because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Getting employees to return safely and having customers shop safely in your business is top priority for business owners. To help your business operate safely during the pandemic, Wachter has created the Ultimate Back to Work Solutions Guide.

In this guide, your business will receive:

  • Reliable public health resources that update safety information routinely
  • Key insights into how your industry is operating safely each day
  • Information on innovative technologies that can be installed in your business to help reduce the spread of COVID-19

Download the Ultimate Back to Work Solutions Guide today.

Seattle Back to Work Safely - LBU LPs

Download Back to Work Guide »