Serving Nashville Businesses with Data, Security, and Audiovisual Solutions

Wachter connects all the systems in your facility — we integrate data, security, and audiovisual solutions to help you bridge the digital divide.



700 Airpark Center Drive Suite#712
Nashville, TN 37217

Email: Ray Sesler
Phone: 615-915-2159

Wachter’s Nashville LBU is your expert provider of voice, data, access control, CCTV, and audiovisual services.

Wachter’s Nashville team covers Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Alabama.


Wachter’s Local Business Units (or LBUs) are strategically placed across the country, and work with local businesses in their region.


Corporate Relocation

We facilitate a seamless office move (or rearrangement), with project design and budgeting, construction coordination, structured cabling systems and fiber backbones, and data center or server room buildouts.

Professional Services in Nashville

Wachter provides consulting, site assessment, systems engineering, infrastructure design, equipment procurement, project planning and management, and other professional services to ensure your project is successful.

Integrated Technology Solutions

Wachter’s Nashville LBU brings expertise in structured cabling, IT networking, wireless networks, and physical security / CCTV / access control projects.


Nashville Audio Visual Integrators

Trust Wachter's technicians to design, configure, install, and integrate audio and visual systems in your business.

Enjoy seamless meetings in conference rooms, entertain patrons in your theaters or entertainment venues. Engage shoppers and drive a winning customer experience.

How can Wachter use audio and visual equipment in your store, office, or entertainment venue? Call us for more details.

Sound Masking Solutions

Keeping employees productive in a noisy environment is a challenge.

A sound masking system installed by Wachter improves productivity and drowns out the noise.

Our team will pinpoint the louder areas of the business location and install the right sound masking system you need.

Employees will feel more productive with an office sound masking system that stops nearby conversations from distracting them. Call our office in Nashville to learn more.


Nashville Wireless Network Design

It's our mission as the Nashville Wachter office to keep your business productive and modern.

Connecting wirelessly is one of our many specialties. We'll show you how we can design, install, and maintain your new wireless network with minimal downtime.

We know that every business has different wireless needs so our solutions are customizable and scalable as your business grows.

Connect with us today for more information on wireless network installation.


Wachter's Additional Services in Nashville:

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Get the Guide to Help Your Business Operate Safely

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way business operates in Nashville and throughout Tennessee. But your business is resilient and won't quit.

To help businesses in Nashville navigate the new normal safely, Wachter has created the Ultimate Back to Work Solutions Guide. This guide will help you learn about reliable public health resources that routinely update safety information, insights into how your industry is navigating the pandemic, and technologies to help mitigate the pandemic.

Download the Ultimate Back to Work Solutions Guide today to help your business through these unusual times.

Nashville Back to Work Safely - LBU LPs

Download Back to Work Guide »

2021 Nashville Chamber digital decal

Technology Solutions for Nashville's Business Community

Wachter's Nashville LBU office is a proud member of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce!

Our team of experienced solutions integrators works to build the successes of our Nashville business neighbors. Wachter's Nashville office specializes in audiovisual systems installation, corporate relocation projects, sound masking systems, wireless network design, and helping businesses return to work safely from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wachter's approach is simple — we conceive, design, install, and maintain the technologies that ensure your business succeeds.

Contact our team for your next technology installation project for your Nashville business.