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WachterFeb 19, 2024 9:35:57 AM7 min read

What Does the Wachter Technology Support Team Look Like

Wachter Support can be a game-changer
forA man in a grey shirt and glasses troubleshoots a tech problem your business's performance and allows you to focus on your core competencies.

Our team is committed to delivering reliable technology support services that ensure your technical systems are always performing optimally. This post outlines what partnering with Wachter’s nationwide team of industry experts looks like from design through implementation. We will also explore the benefits of this partnership which extend far beyond just cost and risk reduction.

Whether you’re in the commercial or industrial sector, our wide range of technology-based solutions, coupled with unmatched network support, is the best solution to solve your real-world business problems.

Looking to learn about a specific component of our robust technology support model?

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Wachter’s Support Infrastructure

Before we discuss the specific roles within Wachter’s support infrastructure, we should cover a few high-level qualifications that can be said of all our members. Our team is a 1,500-person nationwide W-2 workforce standing by to support your next project from start to finish to ongoing maintenance.

An infographic on Wachter’s Support Infrastructure

Lifecycle Support

When considering a partnership with Wachter’s support team, you'll first want to know that our personnel resources are available 24/7, 365 days a week, rain or shine, on weekends or holidays—you get the picture! We’re as determined as you are to see your technical solutions flourish and meet you when and where you need us. 

On that note, it’s also good to understand that you can contact our team members by phone, email, or using TRUST, our proprietary online service management tool.

Wachter’s ISO® 27001 and ISO® 9001 Certified Policies

Wachter Technology Services support team’s policies are ISO® 27001 and ISO® 9001 certified, and we have participated in security vetting at the enterprise level for both private and public sectors.

Cisco Gold Partnership

Wachter is a certified Cisco Gold Partner and Premiere Provider specializing in the following fields:

  • Advanced Enterprise Network Architecture Specialization
  • Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization
  • Advanced Security Architecture Specializationpartner-logo_blue_bs
  • Advanced Data Center Architecture Specialization
  • Cisco IOT Specialization
  • Cisco Collaboration SaaS Specialization
  • Cisco Customer Experience Specialization
  • Cisco Environmental Sustainability Specialization
  • Cisco Gold Integrator
  • Cisco Premier Provider

The team holds network engineering certifications from Cisco up to CCNP and the subject matter expert level and has CCNP & CCIE level resources.

These certifications also come with a promise to adhere to Cisco’s customer satisfaction requirements, meaning it’s not just by our internal metrics that we judge the capabilities of our support team; we regularly check in with third parties who help set and maintain standards and service level agreements (SLAs).

How do Wachter Network Engineers begin a project?

Now that you’ve got an idea of how our technology support team distinguishes itself, we can dive into the process of actually engaging our team for support—and that often begins with a conversation with our Network Engineering Team.

We offer and work with plenty of standard or off-the-shelf solutions, but we understand not everyone’s situation fits perfectly into predefined use cases. We work with you to develop a solution tailored to your use case for engagements requiring a higher level of involvement on the front end.

In the context of working with Wachter, that means our team will help you assess your current situation, identify the root problem, and design a custom solution alongside your team.

Network Engineers Measure Twice and Cut Once

Most of us have heard the famous Benjamin Franklin saying that “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” It’s critical that your organization plans for the future whenever designing a possible project, but what is the appropriate timescale to consider when developing a new strategy? Wachter’s Network Engineering Team specializes in anticipating possible hurdles down the road (normally about 5 years into the future) to avoid scope creep or the need to redo components of a project.

New Design Handoff & Implementation

Another highlight of working with Wachter’s Network support team is that we provide end-to-A man in a green sweater and glasses working on a server of a super computer end coverage. That’s a pivotal factor when developing custom solutions because successfully implementing said solution will make or break a project. Facilitating a smooth implementation process involves our Network Engineers handing the completed design to our Implementation Team. This process ensures a cohesive go-to-market strategy.

Enacting a New Solution with Wachter’s Implementation Engineers

Execution is key. Wachter’s Implementation Engineers are handed the baton from our Network Engineering Team once the solution has been designed and is ready to be put into practice. Because the same team handles both design and implementation, there are fewer breakdowns in communication when enacting solutions and an expedited timeline to deploy. 

Experts in Your Technology

Wachter’s breadth of capabilities span multiple industries and technologies. We specialize in working with technologies that include IoT tech, integrations, data centers, and traditional electronic systems. We have helped clients in verticals ranging from financial services and healthcare to retail and educational institutions and beyond. All of this is to say that our team of Implementation engineers makes a point of being able to seamlessly join forces with your internal operators whenever introducing new projects.

Implementing Standard Solutions with Wachter

We have been introducing the full range of Wachter’s design and engineering support in this post, which is best done by going through the most complex of projects—those that require custom solutions—from design to implementation before transitioning into an ongoing support role. That is not, however, to say this is the only way to engage Wachter’s technology support team.

If a client’s use case does not require reinventing the wheel, the same Implementation Engineers who are handed new designs from our Network Engineers would be able to assist with enacting pre-existing solutions. The Implementation team also routinely works with other vendor routing, switching, and security technologies. The only difference in this scenario is that the Implementation team would be your first, rather than second, point of contact during the process.

Maintaining Momentum with Wachter’s Technical Specialists

Earlier, we compared starting a new project to starting a new business. Just as businesses eventually need to hire employees whose number one priority is maintaining company momentum, a successfully implemented project requires you to engage a team that specializes in keeping systems online and performing at peak efficiency. Enter Wachter’s Technical Specialists. This team excels at large-scale deployments while maintaining high-quality assurance and collateral collection for validation.

Support Online and On Site

One major takeaway to remember about our team—including Technical Specialists and others—is that we are very accessible. We mentioned earlier the availability of our team on weekends and holidays, but it’s also important to mention the different ways we support your team. Depending on the situation, our 1,500-person team can meet you on-site nationwide if we can’t solve the problem remotely. 

Streamlined, Cohesive Communication with the Rest of Wachter’s Team

Although rare, unforeseen situations do come up that require more substantive changes to be made to keep your solution operating as intended. This may have resulted from anything from on-site accidents to acts of god.

Our Technical Specialists are trained to troubleshoot problems with you on-site and remotely and to detect if and when a problem may require a more involved solution. At this moment they pass the baton back to either an Implementation or Network Engineer for a deeper analysis. This communication between different teams ensures you’re getting the help most appropriate to your situation as quickly as a potential issue arises, reducing or eliminating outright system downtime in even the most dire circumstances. 

Get Started with Wachter Today for All of Your  Technology Needs

If you can’t tell, we’re full of pride whenever we talk about our support team. We’ve taken great care to cultivate a team that works with and supports incredible clients across the US. If you have an upcoming project and think Wachter might be a suitable partner, connect with us today.

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