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WachterFeb 7, 2024 4:43:43 PM4 min read

Connected Buyer: Modernize Retail Property for the Mobile Revolution

For nearly three decades retailers have seen digital shoppers consume a growing share of the marketplace. Since the first mobile transaction took place in 1997, retailers have been working to understand the relationship their brick Connected Buyerand mortar locations have with their digital storefronts.

Ecommerce continues to grow, 21% of global retail sales were online in 2022, and is no longer an afterthought amongst retail’s giants. They have spent the past decade investing in their digital business from websites to mobile applications. However, with the understanding that 94% of customers are continuing to shop in-store, the question for retailers has now become “how do we update our e-commerce business to best support the vast majority of customers who are shopping in store?”

In this new era of pairing digital with reality we have a new type of consumer: connected buyers. In 2019, 68% of shoppers utilized a retailer’s mobile app while shopping in that retailer’s physical location.

Let’s take a moment and dive deep into effective strategies for enhancing your support of growth, enabling the ability to leverage the mobile revolution and captivate connected buyers. As we navigate these insights, it becomes evident why investing in these technologies is seen as a strategic move. The following, proactive approach, not only ensures smart business decisions today but lays the foundation for future growth.

Maximizing Retail Potential

Reaching the connected buyer is becoming ultra important for retailers. Retail executives worldwide say the focus for 2024 should be providing robust in-store experiences that bridge the gap of omni-channel strategies. By providing the launch pad through guest access to in-store WiFi, you enable data-driven decision-making, the future-proofing of your physical locations, and the creation of additional revenue opportunities through an enhanced customer experience.

It positions your space as a connected and modern destination, aligned with the expectations of the mobile revolution. In turn, this allows the implementation of innovative technologies, such as mobile apps, personalized offers, and interactive experiences, to engage customers and increase foot traffic.

Enhancing Mobile Commerce With Upgraded WiFi and Data Analytics

Adaptation and the adoption of new technology have been the constant ideals of successful retailers. Through the establishing of mobile-friendly shopping environments, including upgraded in-store Wi-Fi offered to customers at no cost or in exchange for limited data access, retailers can capitalize on the prevailing trend of constant mobile usage, known as Mobile Commerce or M-Commerce.

Retailers who’s app has a “store mode” have up to five times as many interactions than those without. Acting as a customer’s virtual assistant, shoppers can easily locate specific product through an in-app store map complete with real-time location tracking and allow employees to focus on assisting customers with more pressing needs.

Additionally, upgraded m-commerce capabilities can be utilized to alleviate pressure on checkout operations while providing contactless options. No longer do customers need to navigate long checkout lines, but can scan items as they shop before checking out and being provided a receipt, all in the app.

Through the creation of a more cohesive shopping experience for customers, retailers can leverage the connected shopper to track users' behaviors, engagements, and preferences. Through tracking in-app interactions they now have the added ability of providing a better user experience while also deploying those insights to help nudge shoppers toward the buying stage.

Shoppers want a more engaging experience. These upgraded services provide them with that. It allows better tracking of purchases, the ability to utilize loyalty points, and then leave instant reviews while receiving digital coupons. Providing a premium shopping experience transforms the average customers into devoted brand ambassador and propels businesses to maximize their profit potential.

Stay Competitive: Modernize Retail Spaces for the Mobile Era

Reaping the rewards of these benefits is contingent upon having a premium network that is meticulously optimized for a specific location. Without this critical foundation, none of the advantages can be fully realized.

This synergy is not established without strategic partners that can quickly and efficiently provide that critical network infrastructure. Without that partnership, organizations run the risk of installing a system that isn’t optimized for their space, resulting in poor performance and a poor customer experience, potential security vulnerabilities and network disruptions, or even wasted resources with a lack of potential to scale.

Wachter’s nationwide team empowers retailers to position themselves at the forefront of the digital landscape, ready to thrive in the next generation of retail. Our customers stay ahead of the curve, with future-proofed properties, and reap the rewards of a thriving and connected retail ecosystem. The time is now to modernize retail for the mobile revolution.

Regardless of whether you need the general assistance of a trusted advisor or have a dedicated team to guide you through the process, Wachter is ready to help. We are here to perform wireless surveys, integrate and install your chosen solution, or provide a comprehensive suite of managed services.

Are your retail locations prepared to reach the connected buyer? Let’s chat!