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Axis Security Panel | Wachter, Inc.

Wachter’s Matt Tyler Featured on Axis Security Panel “Analyze This”

Wachter VP of Strategic Innovation Matt Tyler was recently featured on a panel hosted by Axis Communications. The panel, “Analyze This: Experts examine video analytics, celebrate their origins and share big news,” featured thought leaders in security and served to debut Axis Communication’s 8th generation ARTPEC system-on-chip.

AdobeStock_262284324_Axis-Panel-Future-of-Physical-SecurityTyler has overseen operations creating technology solutions for several industries during the COVID-19 pandemic. He offered a unique diagnosis of labor turnover during the pandemic, suggesting “whether it’s early retirement or people on the fence… the pandemic drove them into that.”

The panel focused on the importance of video analytics in modern enterprise, and Tyler added that “ The need for video analytics from security — from safety, from quality assurance, the whole gamut — shopper behavior and shopper traffic patterns become much more relevant in the near term, our customers don't have the labor force that would traditionally watch the video or interact with the system to carry out some of the transactional data that goes on within their stores.”

When speaking about the wide variety of benefits that come from proper video analysis, Tyler stated that given those labor turnover issues, “A retailer may not be able to find an assistant manager or enough support personnel to operate a store efficiently.”

The solution to this is an understanding of the dynamism of video analytics. “If we're able to integrate with weather data outside the store, we can dynamically change cleaning schedules based off number of shoppers or number of employees. We can change temperatures from a customer experience perspective,” Tyler said. “Utilizing all of the different analytics, we now have the ability to integrate them with other systems to get a much larger picture and provide the if/then statements in creating operational actions.”

As for specific methods for businesses to begin integrating analytics into their operations, Tyler suggested, “The ability of video analytics is limited to your imagination. The integrator really needs to understand their customer’s business and how they operate to apply the appropriate video analytics, combination of video and data, or other outside influence analytics to the customer.”

Tyler then stressed the importance of reaching a true understanding of customer operations. “It really does require a bit of knowledge of the actual operations of the customer’s business. What is important to them? Then easily identify the analytics and put them in place. You really need to understand the business to know which ones are appropriate and which ones are not.”

The panel also debuted the 8th generation ARTPEC system-on-chip, which Axis says is “designed first and foremost to create new opportunities for impressive analytics applications based on deep learning on the edge.”

On the panel and release overall, Tyler stated, “By working with leading partners like Axis — and serving on their Advisory Board — Wachter is positioned to bring cutting-edge solutions to our customers. I was honored to participate in this panel discussion, and I’m excited about the new releases Axis has announced.”