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WachterMay 3, 2018 7:25:00 AM2 min read

Wachter Leadership Transition

Lenexa, Kansas – Wachter, Inc. is a leading nationwide technology solutions integrator. At its 2018 Kickoff meeting on January 9, 2018, President and CEO Brad Botteron announced his transitioning from CEO to Chairman of the Board.

“For the past 38 years I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to hold many positions at Wachter, and I’m looking forward to this change allowing more flexibility for family time and opportunities for service,” said Botteron.

Wachter was founded by Botteron’s grandfather, William Wachter, in 1930. Brad’s parents, Jack and Marjorie Botteron, took over the business from William, and Brad joined the company in 1980. “I’ve seen the company grow from a dozen electricians to 1,400 employees and a dozen offices,” Botteron said. “This success would have never been achieved without the tremendous dedication, skill, and determination of many hundreds of associates, customers, and suppliers who believed in our goal of building a nationwide technology company.”

Botteron announced that Wachter COO Brian Sloan will succeed him as CEO, effective immediately.

Sloan joined Wachter in 1993 as an electrical apprentice. During his first year, Sloan was asked to work in Louisiana for several months, where Botteron says “he showed himself to be a leader.” After returning from Louisiana, Sloan continued his apprenticeship and worked as an electrician until he relocated to Arkansas in 2001 as a project manager. In 2005, Sloan replaced his father, Steve Sloan, as Wachter’s Rollout Director, after Steve’s passing. Brian successfully managed the rollout team, and was subsequently promoted to COO in 2013.

“Throughout his career Brian has distinguished himself by producing strong bottom-line results, developing high-performance delivery teams, and keeping his coworkers and customers happy,” Botteron said. “He has a love for life, people, humor, Wachter, and his family.

“Since Brian’s promotion to COO, his most important accomplishment is building higher levels of teamwork and collaboration throughout the Wachter organization. I look forward to working with Brian and the Senior Leadership Team as we continue to generate profitable growth built on outstanding customer service and innovative technology solutions.”

“It is humbling and a great honor to follow in the footsteps of William Wachter, Jack Botteron, and Brad Botteron as the forth CEO in Wachter’s 88-year history,” Sloan said. “I cannot thank Brad enough for the influence he has had on me over the last 25 years. I look forward to accepting, growing, and learning from the challenges of a responsibility of this magnitude. I know with Wachter’s outstanding workforce, the only direction from here is up! I am excited to serve the employees of Wachter and help deliver impeccable results to our customers.”

Established in 1930, Wachter has 12 offices nationwide and provides integrated technology solutions to customers in industrial, retail, healthcare, and other key industries. Learn more at