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How to Build a Microsoft Teams Room Fit For Your Team's Collaboration Needs

Build Meeting Spaces that Work for Your Teams with Microsoft Teams

After becoming a household name, Microsoft is reinventing the way coworkers and clients connect with its newer creation — Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams keeps the ever-evolving workforce connected and productive. This software is much more than just video conferencing for meetings, as it includes instant messaging, Microsoft 365 file sharing, and several rich features that companies across the nation use daily.

As employers look to bring employees back into the office safely, a Microsoft Teams Room can be the key to helping teams remain connected and productive.

How a Microsoft Teams Rooms Enhance Connectivity & Productivity

Harness the many capabilities that Microsoft Teams provides into a Microsoft Teams Room. Switching from outdated or difficult-to-use conference room equipment and conferencing software is easier than you may think.


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See how easy it is to build a Microsoft Teams Room!

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Why Your Organizations Should Switch to a Microsoft Teams Room

  • Collaborate in real-time on shared projects
  • Meet instantly, securely, and with audio, video, and chat features
  • Connect with remote and in-office coworkers seamlessly
  • Ability to edit, share, and review files from your favorite Microsoft Office programs
  • Receive and make phone calls securely with VoIP integration

Making the switch to a Microsoft Teams Room is easier than you imagine when trusting an experienced audiovisual integrator like Wachter. Schedule a consultation to build the best meeting space in your office with the power of Microsoft Teams.



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