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Wachter keeps businesses connected in San Jose, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, and Northern California with data technology integration.

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Wachter’s Local Business Units (or LBUs) are strategically placed across the country, and work with local businesses in their region.

How Wachter Installs Data Technology Solutions

Companies throughout the Bay Area rely on Wachter to integrate technology that keeps them competitive in their industries. As a Cisco Gold Partner and a Rockwell Automation Solutions Partner, Wachter designs, configures, and integrates data technology solutions for businesses.

Data Networking

Data is becoming an important resource for businesses. Companies in San Jose, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and throughout Northern California are using data to help make important business decisions.

As a Cisco Gold Partner and a Rockwell Automation Solutions Partner, the San Jose LBU can integrate and install the network needed to serve your internal and external stakeholders.

Keep employees securely connected to LAN / WAN, allow teams to communicate more clearly with VoIP Phone Systems, and manage massive amounts of data with data center and server room solutions.

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Networking Solutions

Wachter's experienced team of network engineers are ready to design a proper network that keeps businesses connected with employees and customers.

The San Jose LBU can install structured cabling and fiber optics cabling to improve download speeds and connectivity between parties. On a network built or integrated by Wachter San Jose, remote work employees can connect seamlessly and securely to the company's network.

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Life Safety Systems

The San Jose LBU keeps your business protected from an array of hazards.

As the life safety system integrator of choice, Wachter's team in San Jose has worked in many environments to troubleshoot, install, or integrate business-critical life safety systems.

Life safety systems, such as fire alarms and security systems, must never experience downtime. And Wachter San Jose makes sure there's never any downtime of these systems.

Our technicians in Northern California are ready to test current life safety systems in your building(s), install a new fire alarm or security system, or integrate new security devices into an existing system.

Get in touch with Wachter San Jose about life safety systems integration today.

Additional Solutions

  • Smart Transit Solutions
  • Facial Recognition
  • Video Surveillance with Mobile DVRs
  • Surveillance Analytics
  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Lighting Audits


San Jose Back to Work Safely - LBU LPs

This Guide can Help Businesses Operate Safely

Life has changed drastically in the Bay Area and businesses have changed operations as well.

Wachter's San Jose LBU wants to help your employees work safely and have customers shop at your business safely. To help in these efforts, Wachter has created the Ultimate Back to Work Solutions Guide.

In this guide, you business will:

  • Receive reliable public health resources that are updated routinely with new safety information
  • Get insights into how your industry is operating safely each day
  • Learn about innovative technologies that can be installed in your business to help reduce the spread of the pandemic 

Download the Ultimate Back to Work Solutions Guide to help your business operate safely.

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