Social Distancing & Contact Tracing Technology Helps Us All Rebound

Wachter’s ContactWatch solution gets business back on track and keeps employees healthy. The easy-to-deploy social distancing and contact tracing technology includes three core pieces:

  • Wearable asset tracking devices for employees
  • A gateway
  • Cloud-based management software

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How Businesses, Schools, and Facilities Stay Safe with ContactWatch

With ContactWatch, as employees and peers come within 6 feet of each other, their wearable device will make an audible sound. Each instance will be recorded in the platform's analytics.

These wearable asset tracking devices can be easily deployed as wrist straps, pendants, or key fobs — or using a cell phone app.

Platform analytics show insights into behavior trends and potential hot spots, and will report at individual, group, and department levels.

ContactWatch is social distancing and contact tracing technology to fight COVID-19 and the spread of other contagions.

And with dozens of post-pandemic use cases, ContactWatch is an investment in the future.



Additional ContactWatch Benefits

  • Easy to sanitize devices
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Fast, affordable, and simple to use
  • Distances and durations configurable
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Tags communicate with the software platform using WiFi, smartphones, or small gateway connections
  • Integrates securely, effectively with government databases and third-party applications

ContactWatch helps get businesses back to work while simultaneously promoting social distancing and other safety guidelines for reopening. Get in touch with us today for this innovative, configurable, and safe solution.