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Vision IP Video Intelligence Solutions


VISION delivers multi-megapixel HDTV quality video for an immersive and detailed visual experience.

Recognized for its reliability and ease of use, VISION provides local and remote access to live and recorded events through an intuitive web browser interface with the same user experience on both workstations and mobile devices.

Vision is powered by best-in-class Axis Communications HDTV Cameras, IP Configure’s Orchid Video Management Platform and installed by W2 Wachter technicians.

VISION IP Video Intelligence Highlights

  • The most cost-effective video technology
  • Enhanced image usability and integration
  • Smart Solution with enhanced integration capability
    • *POS, exception-based reporting, analytics to track and manage loss, etc.
  • Flexible and scalable options
  • Unified Mobility and “Access Anywhere” Technology

*POS Integration in progress and pending approval


Benefits, Cost Savings, & Efficiencies

  • No Recurring Monthly Fees
    • System warranty, service, and support included in purchase price
    • Affordable financing options available
  • User-Friendly Interface
    • Save money training staff
    • Train in as little as 10 minutes
  • Unified Mobility and “Access Anywhere” Technology
    • Touch-capable user interface for mobile devices
    • No additional software or applications required
  • Flexibility: Completely scalable 1-32 cameras per location
    • Not locked into specific system sizes
    • Add camera(s) to system at any time without replacement of expensive hardware
  • Systems include 60 days of storage for HDTV quality video
  • Enhanced image usability and integration mean lower costs and greater savings
    • HDTV resolution and wider field-of-view increases coverage area with fewer cameras
    • Reduce theft at POS
    • Proactively identify potential safety risks
  • Identify claims and incidents quickly with Fast Forensic Searching
    • Compare live video and recorded video simultaneously
    • Save time and money reviewing video
  • *Video Clip Burning and Archiving Service
  • *Back Door Reporting Service
  • *Danger Zone & Merge Point Solutions

*Additional service cost


Vision dashboard viewing cameras

 Vision camera view interface


Powered by AXIS Communications and IPConfigure


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