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WachterJan 10, 2024 12:47:00 PM3 min read

Wired for Success: Elevating Retail with Supercharged EV Solutions

Wired for Success: Elevating Retail with Supercharged EV Solutions

Electric vehicles (EVs) have become a mainstay on the roads. In 2022, new EV's saw a 60% increase in registrations even though new car registrations, as a whole, were down nearly 20%. There are now 3 million EVs navigating American streets, and are projected to surpass 26 million by 2030.

Due to this growth trajectory, drivers will soon face a dilemma. Wired for SuccessDespite this surge, the current count of public EV chargers in the country stands at only 160,000, and with a quarter of drivers anticipating the convenience of charging away from home, the numbers need to align.

As charging locations become more prevalent through installation and consumer purchases of EVs, it presents a unique opportunity for retailers to provide an elevated service to help attract and retain customers while also providing additional benefits to the retailer, ranging from tax credits and incentives to additional advertising space to sell to vendors and third-party brands.

Revolutionizing Customer Experience with Added ROI

Retailers are seeing a resurgence of in-store activity. Customers want to visit, proving to online giants that customers like in-store shopping. They enjoy touching and feeling the clothing fabric, smelling perfume samples, and trying on shoes. These are just a few preferred reasons for returning to the in-store buyer experience.

Adding dedicated EV charging spaces to your parking lot is a great way to attract new and returning customers. These charging stations can also be used to display digital advertisements for third-party brands, which can help to increase customer loyalty and enhance customer experiences. Moreover, the IRS provides tax credits for purchasing and installing commercial EV charging stations.

Integrating intelligence at the pump will provide valuable insights into customer behavior, such as which days of the week are peak and non-peak shopping days.

Imagine the benefit of having customer traffic data from your parking lot: retailers can gain insights into customer behavior and optimize their business operations. This improves the customer experience and helps offset the cost of providing it.

Reliability Matters: Expert Installation for Supercharged Solutions

Installing EV charging stations is about more than just the technology for retailers. It's about creating a seamless and reliable experience for your customers. The expectation is that once I connect my vehicle and go about my shopping trip, my EV will be ready for what's next.

Reliable installation is key, or you inadvertently risk that none of that is provided. How do you ensure it gets set up accurately? Hire the right experts who will execute a proper site assessment, ensuring you don’t place the chargers in the wrong location, making them too far of a walk for some customers. Additionally, the need the electrical grid knowledge and the proper licensure necessary to execute the actual installation. Who you partner with matters.

Trusting the installation process to experts safeguards your investment and contributes to a positive and trustworthy image for your business in the eyes of both customers and stakeholders.

Nationwide Experts Revolutionizing Customer Experiences

Wachter’s commitment extends beyond mere installation in navigating the electrifying future of retail.

Licensed in all 50 states, our all-encompassing service model doesn't just stop at delivering cutting-edge technology; it extends to crafting a customized solution tailored to each customer's unique needs. Whether you envision a single retail location or a network spanning thousands, our team is equipped with the knowledge and capabilities to execute with precision.

By choosing Wachter as your trusted partner, you're not just investing in EV chargers; you're securing a reliable and future-proof solution that will empower your retail establishment to thrive in the dynamic landscape of tomorrow.

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