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WachterJun 5, 2024 8:45:00 AM2 min read

Wachter’s Customer Experience Center Illuminates Sustainability

Every business has one common goal: keeping the lights on. That is a symbolic way of saying “stay open,” but what about when “the lights” drain revenue and profits?

These days, organizations are trying to run as efficiently as possible through Smart BuildingWachter CEC Sustainability Solutions. They are striving to modernize their operations through streamlined processes and cost-cutting measures. These efficiencies do not have to focus on just the organizational level.

As environmental efficiency has made its way to the limelight, Wachter has a showcase of sustainable technology at our Customer Experience Center (CEC) in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. 

Businesses can significantly reduce energy consumption and enhance operational efficiency by integrating sustainable technology into their network frameworks. This powerful collaboration between technology and sustainability marks a shift towards more innovative, greener practices in the corporate landscape, paving the way for a brighter, more energy-efficient future that we can all be hopeful and inspired about.

Discover and Invision Technology with Wachter

At Wachter’s CEC in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, you are immersed in scalable technologies powering the next generation of intelligent buildings. Speaking to Insight. Tech earlier this year, Wachter’s Vice President of Strategic Innovation and Business Development, Matt Tyler, said, “This is a space where we bring new technologies to life so our customers can view and experience game-changing capabilities before deploying them in their businesses.”

One example of the tangible innovation on display is the biophilic lighting system within the building, supplied by Signify, that employs Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. This innovation allows for the monitoring and managing of power distribution through the network, thereby diminishing strain on the power grid and significantly cutting down operational expenses. It will match the intensity and hue of the light outside, trigger the blinds when it becomes too hot or too bright, and automate the lighting system throughout the facility via body heat sensors. These technology integrations not only produce increased opportunities for sustainability but also reassure you of significant cost savings, thereby boosting your confidence in your investment; now, that’s a smart building. 

Other examples of innovative, intelligent building technology through the CEC include using AI to perfect cleaning times, building security, and “smart lighting” solutions that will send retail customers visible navigation instructions to specific products.

Ensuring Compatibility and Efficiency

Intelligent building solutions work to perfect our daily routines for businesses, which means working more efficiently, sustainably, and quickly. However, without the proper integration partner, organizations run the risk of the technology and their teams not working as efficiently as possible. Wachter’s team brings an understanding to the table that the solutions that are being deployed are compatible with an already integrated system for a streamlined process.

Leveraging a nationwide footprint and licensure in all fifty states, Wachter is well-equipped to provide tailored installations that meet your needs. Our team ensures the system functions seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, minimizing the risk of issues and future-proofing your investment. And with Wachter’s 24/7 support, you can trust that we will be there every step of the way.

Are you still trying to figure it out? We understand your time is valuable. That is why we invite you to schedule a visit to Wachter’s Customer Experience Center, where you can see this sustainable, illuminating pathway of the future for yourself! We are making “skylights” an every-floor solution with integrated innovative technology. Wachter’s ability to design, integrate, and deploy immersive and automated experiences alongside intelligent solutions allows you to work towards a better future.