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WachterApr 12, 2024 12:59:00 PM2 min read

Put Unused Data to Work with Wachter’s Expertise & NVIDIA’s Validation

In 2023, Wachter installed nearly 100,000 cameras on customer sites to operationalize safety and security solutions. All of the data captured can provide significant business insights; however, most organizations don’t have the human bandwidthVision AI Blog to observe and understand the collected media, and they often don't have the applications to convert these analytics into something actionable.

That’s why Wachter is thrilled to announce its latest partnership, with NVIDIA, providing the opportunity for Wachter’s team of nationwide experts to design, deploy and integrate Vision AI Smart Space Solutions. This fully integrated AI offering is delivered with curated applications across smart spaces, such as retail, stadiums, campuses, cities, manufacturing, and more.

Streamlining AI Integration

We’re making the buying process that much simpler.

Select Independent software vendors (ISVs) that specialize in vision AI applications are tested and validated on NVIDIA-Certified Systems, which significantly reduce the time required for vendor research, OEM hardware procurement, and integration. With this go-to-market model, Wachter’s team of nationwide experts and valuable end-to-end support are helping to solve the most complex challenges for increasing safety, security, and compliance standards across industries.

Once Wachter’s Vision AI Solution is integrated, you are supplied with actionable data to begin implementing automation. We now offer an out-of-the-box experience, packaging use case-specific deployments that incorporate the most common AI apps — and customizing the perfect AI-enabled solution for each customer’s specific environment. This allows organizations to efficiently automate processes, quickly save money, and increase security.

It’s now easier than ever to add automation into our customers’ infrastructure, enabling use cases which require vision AI capabilities such as object recognition, classification, and detection. By offering validated hardware and software solutions, Wachter is making it easier for enterprises to adopt and deploy AI solutions.

Wachter’s Expertise + End-to-End Support

From pre-purchase discussions to deployment and beyond, Wachter is ready to provide consultation, design, and support. Whether you are making use of an existing camera infrastructure or you need new equipment, Wachter is here to help you achieve your AI and automation goals.

Our certified experts offer nationwide support via our 24/7 Network Operations Center, and our team of coast-to-coast W2 technicians are ready to optimize your cameras for today’s demanding security needs. Working in tandem with our technicians, our project managers are there to provide a guiding hand throughout the process, while effectively and efficiently keeping you and your team abreast of project updates.

Beyond Security for Meaningful AI Analysis

Wachter maintains a vendor-neutral stance in AI and analytics, bolstering its strategy through a significant partnership with industry giant NVIDIA. The collaboration emphasizes Wachter's integration of Vision AI software solutions, which stand out as preferred partners in the NVIDIA Partner Network and members of the NVIDIA Metropolis ecosystem. This partnership underscores a mutual commitment to excellence and innovation, setting a foundation for expanding hardware and software configurations. These enhancements aim to meet the diverse compatibility needs of various camera infrastructures as the solution evolves throughout 2024 and beyond.

Leveraging Wachter's deployment and integration expertise, the alliance with NVIDIA accelerates system setup, ensuring swift and efficient operation. This strategic partnership not only expedites processes but also guarantees access to best-in-class application software, enabling organizations to optimize their data utilization.

Ready to take better advantage of your unused data?