Improving Construction Site Security with Innovative Partnership

Wachter delivers worksite security on-time, in budget, and with advanced video monitoring features

Improving Construction Site Security with Innovative Partnership
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New Construction


Northern New Jersey


1 week


  • Real-time site monitoring
  • 24x7x365 Video Surveillance
  • Incident footage retrieval
  • After-hours monitoring
  • Zero cabling work required


Client is an urban private construction company.


Construction site security and monitoring at all times is crucial.

Our client needed to install a video surveillance system to monitor their construction worksite, without cabling to provide connected power. The construction company also did not have an existing network infrastructure to support the cameras and video surveillance program.

For this client, Wachter needed to implement a solution that would leverage the latest advancements in technology while providing enhanced video coverage and usability the duration of the worksite.


I’ve worked in the Telecommunications industry more than 20 years and worked with many partners. Gridless Power is one of our top partners we enjoy working with and whose solution benefits every GG or commercial builder.

Tom Miles
Philadelphia LBU Manager

Wachter’s Philadelphia Local Business Unit (LBU) turned to trusted partner Gridless Power for a state-of-the-art solution. Gridless Power has developed The Gridless Sentry Box for reliable monitoring of any worksite.

The Gridless Sentry Box allows a full network design to include a Cellular Connection signal to stream real-time video monitoring and retrieve video footage. This technology is battery-powered that lasts for days and is recharged via solar panels.

There is no need to install cabling for connecting the Gridless Sentry Box to a power source or connecting to the Internet.


Wachter installed this new video surveillance system on-time and within budget. This gave our client added security and safety at the worksite. This innovative solution was installed in one week by two Wachter technicians.

Wachter continues to find innovative solutions using reliable partners such as Gridless Power to keep our clients secured, safe, and successful.