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Retail Warehouse Wireless Infrastructure | Wachter, Inc.

Retail Connectivity Via Warehouse Wireless Infrastructure

Wachter enables seamless logistics between warehouse and 140+ stores with wireless connectivity




30 Days


Retail, Logistics


Wachter’s client is a specialty craft store with more than 140 locations across the Atlantic coast from Maine to Florida

IT Networking
  • Wireless Survey

  • Cat6 Cabling

  • Access Point Installation

  • IDF Cabinet Installation

  • Fiber Optic Cabling Installation


The client’s existing wireless network and cabling infrastructure was outdated, and unable to support the multiple objectives their competitive market requires.

Their objectives included complete wireless coverage in the warehouse, replacing outdated network equipment, and revamping the existing inventory management solution.

The customer needed to implement a total solution to meet corporate initiatives with the new system.

This included a complete wireless survey and network upgrade in only 30 days.

For a client with so many retail stores, having a connected, wireless warehouse is essential.

The client operates a 700,000 square foot warehouse to move and store inventory for their many retail stores.


Wachter’s engineers were on site within two days to walk the entire 700,000 square foot facility.

Wachter created the wireless survey and met with the customer to provide feedback and a detailed project plan.

Wachter’s technicians arrived within 48 hours of proposal approval to begin installing these modern wireless integrations.

The entire project — including Cat6 cabling, access point installation, conduit install, customer wireless backer boards, and fiber optic cabling — was fully installed, tested, and certified on time, with days to spare.

I deeply appreciate the quality of service you folks deliver time after time.

Customer's Director of IT


Wachter took on the challenge of surveying and installing a full wireless infrastructure solution within the customer’s allotted 30-day window.

The result was a successful project and a satisfied client satisfied.

The client’s Director of IT said of Wachter, “I deeply appreciate the quality of service you folks deliver time after time.”