Wachter Relocates Nationwide Retailer’s Data Center OSP Cabling

Re-routing 13 critical infrastructure outside plant fiber optic cabling in two months

Wachter Relocates Nationwide Retailer’s Data Center OSP Cabling
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Bentonville, AR


Two Months


  • Fiber Optic Cabling Installation
  • Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing
  • Excavation
  • Directional Drilling
  • UG Conduit Bank Installation
  • Hand Hole / Man Hole Installation
  • OTDR Testing
  • KMZ Documentation
  • Utility Location


Nationwide Retailer


A large construction project required Wachter’s client to relocate 13 critical infrastructure Fiber Optic cables from the South side of a city street to the North side of the city street.


Wachter designed a solution to address the client’s needs.

Wachter was able to intercept the fiber optic cables out of the construction zone and directional drill a new path on the North side of the street and install a new underground infrastructure along with new fiber optic cables, Wachter had to cut the active fiber optic cables at the interception locations once traffic was re-routed off the active fiber cables by the client.

Wachter then deployed a fiber optic splicing trailer and mass fusion spliced the new fiber optic cables to the existing fiber optic cables out of the construction zone at the interception point.

After OTDR testing was complete the overall loss budget was less than the original limit.


Relocating the fiber optic cabling keeps it away from possible damage from the nearby construction site and can remain in the new conduit bank for years to come. Because of this project, Wachter’s client has greater bandwidth, faster internet speeds, longer TX/RX distances, reliable connectivity, and ability to scale for future expansion at the client’s site.

The new system was installed on-time and within budget providing a new underground fiber route for the client. Wachter’s client was pleased with Wachter’s work and ability to meet a quick deadline.