Ensuring IT Network Redundancies for Marine Terminal Operations

Audit assesses IT network redundancies, provides recommendations for strengthening network connections

Ensuring IT Network Redundancies for Marine Terminal Operations
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Southern California


1 week


  • Network Redundancy Assessment
  • Topology Mapping
  • Hardware Power Management
  • Consulting


International Marine Terminal & Rail Yard Operator


Wachter’s client is one of the largest privately-owned international marine terminal and rail yard operators in the world.

With operations in more than 250 strategic locations across five continents, our client has a vast network of interconnected transportation solutions. This can pose a monumental challenge to ensuring network redundancy.

Wachter was asked to execute a Network Redundancy Assessment and Audit. As part of the assessment, the facility network connections and configurations were recorded and reviewed to determine where additional redundant connections occur, identifying that power sources and configurations are adequate, and where improvements are required to achieve 99.99% uptime of the network.


Wachter engineers performed an on-site wired survey to assess the level of redundancy in the current state of the network. Then the team provided recommendations to achieving 99.99% redundancy throughout the wired network.

Our team analyzed power sources, physical wiring, and configurations to understand the current state of the network and where redundancies occur. A subsequent report informed the client of the data and analysis collected during the on-site wired survey.


Our client gained a greater understanding of their current network infrastructure with the findings provided by the report. This information also detailed the potential for upgrading to a higher level of redundancy to be able to eliminate single points of failure in their infrastructure.