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Digital Signage for Retail Endcaps | Wachter, Inc.

Digital Signage Solutions Enables Success for Nationwide Retailer

Upgrading Audio and Visual components for retail advertising success




Four Months




Wachter’s client is a nationwide retailer with more than 1,100 stores


Nationwide Rollouts

  • Digital Signage Displays

  • Media Player Installation

  • Audio / Visual Engineering

  • CRT to LED Displays


  • Electrical Outlets

IT Networking

  • Cat5 Data Cabling


Wachter’s client has used digital displays in their stores for two decades. In that time, Wachter has helped the retailer through multiple iterations and upgrades.

For this project, the customer sought to upgrade to modern digital signage for display advertising.

The solution needed to upgrade from CRT to flat screen LED displays, and provide a network-accessible system for monitoring purposes.


Wachter installed 55” displays in pharmacy and grocery areas. These displays hung from ceiling-mounted poles and included a player, speakers, and the display.

Wachter’s team of technicians, electricians, and quality control supervisors installed 22” tablet displays on five endcap aisle locations around the stores.

These displays were product-specific and targeted sales for that endcap.

Wachter's remote engineering team also performed all switch port configurations for the new devices and validated network connectivity.

For each of these devices, Wachter installed a standard 110v receptacle and a data cable connection.

This allowed the retailer to monitor and provide content updates for the products being advertised.


In just four months Wachter’s team completed this large retail technologies project, which consisted of 9,000 digital signage displays, 3,400 media players, and 9,000 electrical outlets and data cables across 1,137 retail stores.

Wachter completed this project before the scheduled deadline.

The customer viewed Wachter’s performance on this project as a complete success.

As is often the case for large rollout projects, the work was split between Wachter and a competitor. Wachter completed its portion of the job early, and was awarded some of the competitor’s sites as well.