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Choose A Trusted Partner For Your Alarm System Conversion

Swiftly reprogramming all panels without interruption during business hours




Five Months




Wachter’s client is a nationwide retailer with more than 1,900 stores


Nationwide Rollouts

Physical Security

  • Panel Reprogram


As a major building materials retailer, transitioning 95K devices and 1,993 stores across America to be compatible with their new alarm partner presented a rough timeline.

They needed a service provider who could quickly reprogram all panels without interruption during business hours, thus requiring teams to be available after normal operations ended for the day. 

After careful consideration, they trusted Wachter with our experienced team, capable of providing what was necessary to complete this colossal task in 5-month timeframe and on time.

A retailer who serves customers daily, it was imperative that whomever they used as their service provider could work after hours not to disrupt their everyday business operations.


Wachter took swift action to answer the customer's challenge and assembled a remarkable team of 50 one-person teams plus additional support staff.

The technicians had access to essential resources such as transportation, tablets for work orders, product manuals, SOWs, etc., making it easy for them on deployment day.

Wachter swiftly assembled an impressive team of 50 one-person teams and supporting staff to complete in 5 months.

• Resources such as transportation, tablets, manuals, and SOWs were provided for technician deployment.
• Alarm systems were set into bypass mode to ensure a smooth transition with little disruption.
• Technicians worked closely with store management and the new alarm company while tripping alarms and door sensors.
• Any non-functioning alarm was immediately reported, and a work order was created.
• Once all alarms were triggered appropriately, the system was placed in Live Mode.


This project was completed by Wachter's team ahead of schedule and under budget. After four months, all 95,000 devices across the 1,993 stores were reprogrammed and this retailer's physical security system was live and operational. That's one month early.

Due to these successes, this customer granted Wachter additional work orders beyond the initial scope of alarm reprogramming.