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Wachter is your single source for designing, installing, and maintaining the latest healthcare technologies to enhance the overall patient experience while lowering operating costs.

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If you’re looking for new ways to manage the care of your patients while driving down operational costs, our engineers and technicians can help you:

  • Video and Audio Remote and Centralized Patient Monitoring
  • Timed Patient Auditing and Documented Status Updates
  • Integration into 3rd Party Devices, Systems and Solutions
  • Multi-Language Audio and Visual Patient Messaging and Notifications
  • Upgrade and integrate your physical security systems
  • Install an RFID baby monitoring system
  • Deploy RTLS (Real Time Location Systems) for asset, people tracking, workflow efficiencies, and temperature monitoring
  • Design and implement intelligent Connected Patient Room Solutions
  • Engineer and deploy hospital mobile devices, platforms, and intelligent solutions
  • Implement a more energy-efficient building control system
  • Maintain or update an extensive critical power system
  • Implement a remote patient viewing platform for diagnostics
  • Refresh your network with new structured cabling
  • Utilize new mobile and cloud technologies to connect hospitals, doctors’ offices, and therapy facilities

Wachter offers the technical expertise and support you need — whether you need assistance with a single health care facility or many. Visit Wachterville to see what we can do for you.

For all of your healthcare technology needs, think Wachter.

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