Data Center

Optimizing data critical infrastructures through technology integration.

If you’re looking to maximizing efficiency of your data center, make Wachter your technology partner. Our engineers and technicians have expertise in designing, installing and maintaining the latest data center technologies to:

  • Gain efficiencies and cost savings through consolidation and compartmentalization.
  • Dramatically lower operation costs as well how to achieve convergence without losing capability.
  • Expand your overall capabilities and reach without expanding your infrastructure footprint.
  • Analyze the costs and benefits of virtualization.
  • Upgrade your critical power for the incorporation of new equipment.
  • Implement more energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems.

Wachter offers the technical expertise and support you need whether it’s a single center upgrade or a retrofit rollout for multiple data centers nationwide. Visit Wachterville to see what we can do for you.

For all of your data center technology needs, think Wachter.