Campus and Education

Providing your campus a competitive edge through technology design, integration, and support.

Wachter is your single source for designing, installing and maintaining the latest campus technologies to connect with today’s tech-savvy student while driving operational efficiencies and providing a safer campus experience. Our engineers and technicians can help you:

  • Upgrade to the latest in integrated physical security systems, including video access control turnstyle systems.
  • Engage students with mobile technologies through their smart phones and tablets Transform your students’ IDs into a device that access buildings, pays for meals, tracks money deposited from home and more.
  • Plan and install smart board and A/V systems for use in classrooms.
  • Design a robust wireless local area network (WRLAN) for VolP and RFID.
  • Dramatically lower energy costs with energy-efficient building control and lighting systems.

Wachter offers the technical expertise and support you need whether you require a single campus upgrade or a retrofit rollout for multiple campuses nationwide. Visit Wachterville to see what we can do for you.

For all of your campus technology needs, think Wachter.