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Ultimate AV Solutions Guide | Wachter, Inc.

The Ultimate AV Solutions Guide

1. What is AV Technology?

Introduction to Audiovisual Technology

In this rapidly-changing age of digital transformation, companies must adapt to meet technological needs. One crucial area that businesses should consider improving is audiovisual technology.

Audiovisual (AV) technology includes a variety of audio and video technologies. These devices are used to entertain, inform, and connect with clients, prospects, and partners.

There are so many innovative audiovisual devices on the market that it can be difficult to choose the best AV solutions for your business.

Leaders who apply the right audiovisual technologies can connect with their customers to win more business.

With so many capabilities, it's no wonder why companies are leveraging the power of audiovisual technologies to drive success.

Through this Ultimate Audiovisual Solutions Guide, you'll be able to answer:

  • What is AV technology?
  • How do businesses in different industries utilize AV technologies?
  • What are common questions companies have about AV technology?
  • How do businesses excel with audiovisual technology?
  • What AV technologies does Wachter recommend?
  • Why does Wachter partner with the world's leading AV technology manufacturers and vendors?
  • How can you receive a FREE AV Technology Assessment?



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Why Businesses Need Audiovisual Technology

AV technologies have numerous benefits. Depending on your industry, you can apply audiovisual technology to:

  • Drive efficiency in meetings with teams and clients
  • Excite patrons in theaters with surround sound speakers
  • Inform hungry customers of new featured menu items inside your restaurant
  • Delight shoppers with new promotions in your grocery or retail stores

Equipping your company with AV technology can help your business run efficiently, one-time customers become lifelong brand evangelists, and complex challenges become easy wins — making you the rockstar.

Want to learn what AV technologies clients in your industry have installed? Visit our Audiovisual Solutions case studies.

Audiovisual Conference Room | Wachter, Inc.


Numerous Audiovisual Solutions for Your Business

There are no one-size-fits-all audiovisual technologies.

AV technology should be used to solve the problems — and fit the needs — of your organization.

Business leaders should start by asking themselves these questions — and other frequently asked questions — when selecting audiovisual technologies:

  • What are my audio and video technology needs?
  • How do I know which products to choose?
  • Where can I best use the audiovisual technologies I've chosen?
  • Who should install these audio and video devices?
Use these innovative technologies to overcome complex challenges, drive efficiency, and help your customers find the right products or services.

2. How Industries Use Audiovisual Technology

How Schools Use AV Technology

The ultimate goal of educators — from K-12 to higher education — is to help students learn. Audiovisual technologies make it easier for teachers to instruct and engage their students.

Audiovisual equipment requires the right infrastructure.

An AV integrator will consult with you on the needs of your students and staff, assess your existing infrastructure, make recommendations for customization and scalability, and develop a plan of action for installing your new technologies.

Below are a few examples of using AV technology in classrooms and across campus.

How Schools Use AV Technology | Wachter, Inc.


AV Technology in Classrooms & Study Spaces

Remember the days of teachers pulling down the projector screen cord and firing up the projector? What about overhead projectors, slide carousels, or the oft-loved rolling TV cart?

Teachers today have access to modern AV technologies in schools that keep students engaged.

Smartboards in the Classroom

One such technology is the interactive whiteboard, often referred to as a Smartboard.

Replacing most of the old school technologies listed above, the interactive whiteboard is a wall-mounted display that allows teachers and students to engage with the material using a smart pen or even their finger.

According to the K-12 Teachers Alliance’s TeachHub, Smartboards drive student success.

Smart Boards in Education - Audiovisual AV | Wachter, Inc.

Using smart technology in the classroom can help [sic] raises test scores, improves student learning, enhances literacy, boosts attentiveness, and increases comprehension, to name a few.

Teachers report that the number one benefit that they see in their classrooms that use smartboards is an increase in student engagement.


Audio and Visual Technology in the Classroom

Lecture Hall AV Audiovisual Technology | Wachter, Inc.

For larger classrooms and lecture halls, high quality audio technology is a necessity. Speaker systems with reliable and easy-to-use audio allow listeners to immerse themselves into the presentation or performance.

And large digital signage displays in lecture halls help students see information clearly from far away.

Sound Masking for Education

Spending countless hours studying in the library is a norm for college students. Quiet spaces to study or collaborate is crucial to students’ learning success.

Enter sound masking technologies.

Sound masking systems are one of the latest audiovisual technologies trending today. With a sound masking solution installed, students studying in the library can focus on their studies without the distraction of nearby conversations or other noises.

AV Technology Across Campus

Campus events are at the heart of the traditional college experience. From orientation to graduation, late night study sessions to rooting for the football team — and audiovisual technologies are the behind-the-scenes solutions that make it all possible.

Mass Notification Systems for Schools

Keep students informed with a campus-wide paging and communications system — in emergencies and every day.

A mass notification solution shares real-time alerts to students and faculty. Administrators can blast out emergency notifications or inform students and employees about important events and activities.

Digital Signage Across Campus

Digital signage displays are a great way for students and faculty to learn about upcoming events, staying safe on campus, and important updates.

An experienced AV technology integrator can install connected TV monitors and other digital displays across campus, in key spots like:

  • Student unions
  • Fitness centers
  • Wellness centers
  • Administration buildings
  • Dorms
  • Lecture halls
  • Entertainment venues and stadiums

Education AV - Stadium Digital Signage | Wachter, Inc.

And universities can realize a financial return on investment by selling advertisement space to on-campus organizations and community businesses.

How AV Technology Protects Students from COVID-19 on Campus

The COVID-19 pandemic has infiltrated our communities — and preventative measures are crucial to stopping the spread on college and university campuses.

One way to stop the spread of this virus is NoviTizer.

NoviTizer is an automatic, touchless hand sanitizer dispenser that students and staff can use as they make their way across campus.

What makes NoviTizer an unique audiovisual solution is that each hand sanitizer station includes a connected digital display.

Remind students to use hand sanitizer, inform them of current public health guidelines, and let them know about the latest news on campus with video and static content that’s easy to create and deploy.

And as with any digital signage solution on campus, recoup your investment through easy-to-manage ad placements.

As a wall-mounted solution or on a stand, NoviTizer can protect and inform everyone on campus during and after the pandemic — while helping to protect those on campus with hand sanitizer. 

NoviTizer - Hand Sanitizer

Providing students with rewarding learning experiences starts with the latest audiovisual solutions on campuses.


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How Offices Use Audiovisual Technology

Offices across the country are using audiovisual technology each day in meetings, on digital signage displays, and as employees work at their desks.

AV technologies enhance office efficiency, allowing employees to run effective meetings, learn the latest company news and updates, and be more productive.

Here's how your business can drive efficiency, connectivity, and productivity through audiovisual technology solutions.

How Offices Use Audiovisual Technology | Wachter, Inc.

How AV Technology Connects Teams with Clients, Each Other

Conference room technologies are scalable and easy to adjust for any size space or amount of people.

From small huddle rooms to large auditoriums, AV technology enhances meetings.

Conference Room in a Box AV Solutions

Conference room technologies are scalable and easy to adjust for any size space or amount of people.

From small huddle rooms to large auditoriums, AV technology enhances meetings.

How to Choose Conference Room and AV Solutions with Conference Room in a Box

Conference Room in a Box solutions fit the needs of your meeting spaces and the people who use them.

Audiovisual technologies are used each day in conference rooms for meetings as small as two, to large-scale lecture hall presentations.

An experienced AV technology integrator can find the scalable conference room technology for your company’s unique combination of spaces and needs.

Here's how you can support your staff with modern Conference Room in a Box solutions in three easy steps:

1. Pick the room(s) where your employees hold meetings, including: Conference Room in a Box - Audiovidsual Solutions Guide | Wachter, Inc.

  • Huddle spaces
  • Board rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Training rooms
  • Larger meeting spaces.

2. Choose the audio and video technology you need, including: Huddle Spaces - Audiovidsual Solutions Guide | Wachter, Inc.

  • Audio and video conferencing equipment
  • Wireless presentations
  • Microphone systems
  • Room scheduling
  • Integrated meeting controls
  • Touchless meeting technology

3. Select the right conferencing software to run efficient meetings with coworkers and customers alike, such as:

  • WebEx
  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams

Conference Room in a Box solutions increase employee productivity, engage teammates in discussion, and are easy to use — even for those who are less tech savvy.


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Touchless Meetings: AV Technologies for the "New Normal" & Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way we do work.

Employees who have spent years in an office are now working from home to remain socially distant and limit the spread of disease.

Companies are gradually returning employees to the office, but keeping connected, productive, and safe is a challenge.

Touchless Meetings allow employees who are in the office to host meetings safely, minimizing the risk of spreading infections through the use of smart technologies.

Touchless Meetings - Audiovisual Solutions Guide | Wachter, Inc.

Four Easy Ways to Use Touchless Meeting Technology

Proximity Join

Employees can easily connect to conference room technology using just their smartphones.

In three easy steps, teams can connect to meetings seamlessly via proximity:Touchless-Meetings-Proximity

  1. Walk into the meeting room
  2. Open up a mobile device (smartphone)
  3. Start or join the meeting

Proximity join connects via Bluetooth technology, allowing employees to view their scheduled meeting, quickly select an open meeting space, and even tap into on-the-go mobile functionality.

It really is that easy.

Connect Using Your Voice

Touchless meetings are compatible with AI-powered personal assistants, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Touchless-Meetings-Graphics-VoiceThis allows employees to control a meeting using just their voice.

Employees can connect with touchless meetings through voice prompts, such as:

  • Start the meeting.
  • Join the meeting.
  • Is this meeting room reserved?
  • Who has reserved this meeting room?
  • Reserve this meeting room.
  • Remind me when the next meeting starts within 5 minutes in this meeting room.

Additional prompt possibilities include:

  • Ask to join a meeting
  • Alert meeting attendees if I am running late
  • Release the meeting room if we have not started our meeting if five minutes after it is time
  • Track meeting attendance rates

And admins can review metrics such as meeting usage rates.

Scan a QR Code to Join

A web page will then appear on the smartphone to let the employee use their device as a remote control to operate the meeting room technology.

Digital Signage for Touchless Reminders

Touchless-Meetings-Graphics-Digital-SignageEmployees in a touchless meeting won't have to worry about disruptions from anyone entering the room.

When a digital signage display is affixed outside the meeting room, others are reminded that a meeting is in progress.

Digital signage solutions can also be installed throughout an office space to remind employees and guests of public health guidelines, share company news, and more.

How AV Technology Improves Employee Productivity

We all work differently.

Some employees prefer peace and quiet as they work. Others thrive on connection and conversation, or simply need to have discussions in order to accomplish their daily tasks.

Because everyone has their own way to keep productive at work, companies are leveraging a newer audio technology that allows everyone to converse and communicate without distracting their coworkers.

There's data to back up the importance of minimizing distractions. In a study of more than 700 executives and high-performing employees (HPEs) about quiet work spaces, 54% of HPEs said their office environment is "too distracting" and 58% said they need more private spaces to work through tough problems.

Another survey of 1,600 workers conducted by Harvard Business Review found that nearly a third of respondents say the acoustics in their office space were too distracting. The noises — such as tapping keyboard keys and ringing telephones — made it difficult for employees to focus on their work at hand.

Sound Masking Technologies in the Workplace

An easy solution to encourage collaboration and minimize distractions is sound masking technology.

These solutions includes small, barely-visible emitters (speakers) installed throughout open work areas in the office. The speakers are connected to an intuitive control module, generally located in an equipment room.

With a sound masking system in place, employees are better able to work in peace as conversations and ambient noises do not carry through the office. Sound masking systems prevent conversational distractions and other loud noises from disrupting worker productivity.

Now employees can better concentrate with minimal noise distractions in a more acoustically comfortable environment.

Start leading a more productive workforce by allowing them to flourish in the best acoustic working environment.

Sound Masking - Audiovisual Solutions Guide | Wachter, Inc.

How AV Technology Protects Employees from Contagions

With offices reopening and gradually bringing employees back to work, keeping workers safe from COVID-19 is a tall task.

The CDC says that one of the most important ways to prevent transmission of the novel coronavirus is by washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

But in situations when hand washing is not readily available, hand sanitizer proves effective.

A July 2020 study by the World Health Organization (WHO) found that two particular hand sanitizer formulations inactivate SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Their tests also showed that store-bought hand sanitizers effectively fight off the Coronavirus.

This proves that using hand sanitizer works successfully to curb the spread of the pandemic we're facing.

Connected Hand Sanitizer Dispensers in the Office

Offices across the nation can combat the pandemic with automatic, touchless hand sanitizer dispensers called NoviTizer.

NoviTizer is an innovative solution that can protect everyone who enters your office.

It also works to inform office personnel with a digital signage display integrated into the dispenser.

Here's how NoviTizer works:

  • The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser can be affixed to a wall or on a stand for anyone to use
  • Place NoviTizer in open areas to help remind employees to use the FDA-approved hand sanitizer solution to protect themselves
  • Curate and upload custom trigger-based content to remind office workers of public health guidelines, company news, and other important information
  • Receive notifications when hand sanitizing solution is running low and needs to be refilled
  • Keep your employees safe and healthy
  • Tap into the power of data with robust reporting

NoviTizer - Hand Sanitizer


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AV Technology for Event Space Venues

AV Technology for Event Venues | Wachter, Inc.Audiovisual technology and entertainment are a perfect marriage. Event space venues need the latest audio and video technology to inform, entertain, and engage with their patrons each day.

These venues are places where guests can be entertained, interact with exhibits, watch their favorite team or artist perform, network with like-minded professionals at conferences, exercise, worship, and more.

Hospitality and event space venues can include:

  • Amphitheaters and concert halls
  • Convention centers
  • Movie theaters
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Museums
  • Amusement parks
  • Hotels
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Places of worship
  • Events for weddings, reunions, and more

All of these venues rely on audiovisual technologies to give guests memorable experiences that make them want to return in the future.

Event venues need the right technology for events to create immersive experiences.

Scalable, Connected Audiovisual Technologies for Event Spaces

All events are different based on the location, duration, and objectives. Leveraging scalable and connected audiovisual technology enhances each guest's experience.

When working with an AV integrator, ask questions to best understand:

  • Why you need the recommended device(s)
  • How the AV integrator can ensure installation on time and within budget
  • How they will service your new solution(s) for maintenance and updates
Specific Use Cases for Hospitality and Event Space AV Technology

Young friends watching a film at the cinemaMuseums can leverage interactive digital signage to engage patrons in immersive learning experiences.

Movie theaters use audiovisual technology that makes guests part of the movie on the big screen.

Stadiums can excite their fans with LED lighting, high definition jumbotron screens, and stadium speaker systems.

And as your venue expands, so can your audiovisual technologies.

That's why it's important to select scalable and connected audio and video technology for your venue, and an integrator that will be there for you in the future.

Protect Patrons in Event Spaces with NoviTizer

As smaller group events are beginning to take place again amid the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping all patrons and employees healthy is crucial.

  • How can wedding venues can ensure all guests enjoy the celebration as if COVID-19 did not exist?
  • What precautions can movie theaters take to allow guests to see the latest releases on the big screen again?
  • How can sports teams and stadiums keep teams and fans healthy after the game?
  • What can museums do to safely educate citizens?

One answer is NoviTizer, an automatic, touchless hand sanitizer dispenser with an integrated digital signage display.

NoviTizer is the perfect solution for event spaces of all kinds, as it is easy to set up, keeps everyone safe, and informs guests of public health guidelines and new events.

And for spaces that accept advertising, NoviTizer drives ROI through its easy-to-manage ad interface.

When guests safely enter, enjoy their time, and exit the event space, they can be assured of their safety by using the hand sanitizing solution in the NoviTizer dispenser.

Event spaces are able to show custom content — from static images to rich, engaging videos — on the digital signage display function of NoviTizer.

This content could include:

  • Current public health guidelines from local agencies and the CDC
  • Relevant upcoming events at the venue
  • New deals and promotions offered by your business
  • News, weather, and other informative content
  • Revenue-driving advertisements

Keep guests and employees at your event space healthy with an easy-to-set-up touchless hand sanitizer dispenser. And drive actionable decision-making through NoviTizer's robust reporting.

NoviTizer - Hand Sanitizer

How Restaurants & Quick-Service Restaurants Use Audiovisual Technology

Dine-in restaurants and Quick Service restaurants (QSRs) can benefit greatly from audiovisual technology.

These technologies provide guests with better dining experiences while driving efficiency and profitability for restaurant management.

AV Technology Helps Build the Restaurant of the Future

A new concept — the Restaurant of the Future — is being built today.

The Restaurant of the Future applies modern connected technologies to drive efficiency and fantastic customer experiences.

The Restaurant of the Future is a win-win for restaurants and hungry guests alike!

  • Digital signage not only is used in the drive-thru or as a menu board at the register, but can be used as an interactive menu kiosk where customers place their orders
  • Speaker systems play music that’s customized to the expected customer base at any given time, and also to help ward off loiterers to make room available for paying customers
  • Data from connected sensors tell employees how to manage the flow of orders, help managers better track inventory, and drive actionable decisions at individual locations and chain-wide
  • Modern point-of-sale (POS) systems make it easier for employees to ring up customer orders, and integrate with omnichannel platforms and mobile payments

Watch to learn what it takes to become the Restaurant of the Future:


How Grocery & Retailers Use AV Technology

Audiovisual technology has the power to influence buying decisions, excite customers of new products on shelves or coming soon, and track product inventory for staff.

Audio Technology for Grocery & Retailers

Audio technology for retailers today goes beyond playing background music or sharing announcements over loudspeakers.

Modern speaker systems use AI to play event-based music and announcements that help customers make better buying decisions, influence moods, and share important notifications with guests.

Connect omnichannel platforms with speaker systems to alert customers when orders are ready to pick up, for online-only promotions, and more.

Video Technology for Grocery & Retailers

Chief_Retail-Digital-Signage-AudiovisualDigital signage solutions are a great way for retailers to inform guests of new products on your shelves. Digital signage can also serve as an interactive menu board for customers to order meals.

Use Augmented Reality- (AR) and AI-enabled digital signage as an interactive mirror in your retail store to show customers what they would look like in a new outfit or gear. Customers use this "mirror" to virtually try on or interact with products in your fashion or home goods store — or in any retail environment.

Guests can also use this interactive digital signage display to connect with an expert consultant — like a personal shopper or your internal expert — to guide their shopping experience.


3. Audiovisual Technology FAQs

  • What is an AV solution?

    An audiovisual (AV) solution is any combination of audio, video, and virtual technologies that is crafted to meet specific business needs.

    Audiovisual solutions bring high rewards to retailers, entertainment venues, office spaces, and businesses of all kinds.

    Industry leaders leverage audio and video technologies in their locations to keep competitive, stay efficient, and help their customers find the right products or services.

  • Why does my business need audiovisual technology?

    Businesses of all kinds can leverage audiovisual technology for many reasons — to delight, inform, educate, and excite guests.

  • What does an AV integrator do?

    An AV integrator is a company that designs, integrates, installs, and maintains AV solutions.

  • What businesses can benefit from audiovisual technology?
    All kinds of businesses can benefit from audiovisual technology, including:

    • Retailers
    • Event spaces
    • Movie theaters
    • Offices
    • Education
    • and more
  • What makes Wachter’s AV solutions different than other audiovisual integrators?
    As a nationwide integrator with over 90 years of experience, Wachter partners with leading manufacturers of the latest audio and video technologies.

    And with more than 1,400 W2 employees nationwide, Wachter can deploy and maintain most any AV solution in any business environment, anywhere across the country — whether at one location or thousands.

  • How can I get an AV consultation or assessment?
    The first step of Wachter's approach is to understand your needs and how we can solve your audio or visual challenges.

    Then, we'll design and coordinate the technologies to make meetings, shopping, and experiences successful.

    Click here to schedule your free Audiovisual consultation.

  • How customizable or scalable are Wachter’s AV solutions?

    Wachter’s audiovisual solutions are fully customizable and scalable. Whether you want an out-of-the-box solution or one meticulously crafted to meet your company’s every need, Wachter is the AV integrator for you.

    Our goal is to help solve all of your company’s audiovisual challenges, and to grow your AV solutions as your business expands.

  • Where in the U.S. can Wachter install and maintain audiovisual technologies?

    Wachter holds more than 700 state and local licenses across the country, and is licensed in all 50 states.

  • Can Wachter install these technologies despite the COVID-19 pandemic?

    Business today is different than it was even in early 2020.

    Wachter is committed to ensuring that your business has the audiovisual technologies your employees and clients need.

    We can install these technologies while following local and CDC public health guidelines so everyone can stay safe.

  • What do other audiovisual clients say about Wachter?

    What sets Wachter apart from others is how we treat our clients. Our successful relationships start by understanding each client’s needs, providing a thoroughly crafted plan, and executing that plan with our nationwide W2 workforce.

  • How do AV solutions enhance customer shopping experiences?

    Audiovisual technologies can cheer up customers, inform them of new products, and enhance their shopping experiences each time they visit.

  • Do we need to switch our conferencing software when installing new conferencing products?

    Nope. Wachter works with a variety of reliable audio and visual technology partners so that we can be certain you can continue using the conferencing software when we install new conferencing devices for your business.



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4. AV Technology Case Studies

Audio Video System Enhances School District Administration Building

Poly_Conference-Spaces_High-Tech-Meeting-RoomsWhen a Seattle school district needed to upgrade their aging administration building, they chose Wachter.

Our team of audiovisual experts designed and installed innovative AV technologies to enhance meetings between administration and staff.

Digital Signage Solutions Enable Success for Nationwide Retailer

Digital Signage for RetailersDigital signage is a great way for retailers to inform and excite customers about the newest products offered.

Our retail client has more than 1,100 stores and in just four months, Wachter installed digital signage early and within budget.

Sound Masking Enhances Call Quality for Fortune 500 Insurance Company

Sound Masking - Audiovisual Solutions Guide | Wachter, Inc.When a Fortune 500 insurance company renovated a large vehicle bay into a call center, they worked with Wachter to improve acoustics.

This led to better call quality without noise distractions from nearby coworkers.

5. Wachter's Audiovisual Partners

Wachter likes to keep good company.

That's why we partner with the nation's best audio and video manufacturers. We then install or integrate their equipment and devices to solve the challenges facing our customers.

6. Receive a Free Audiovisual Technology Assessment

Wachter is offering a free in-depth assessment of existing audiovisual technologies in businesses.

Our audiovisual engineering experts will work with you to understand your needs, how we can solve your challenges, and make a plan to install the technologies you need in your office, store, event space, or other building types.

Complete our contact form below and our team can set up a discovery call to address your concerns.

Wachter will bring our 90 years of building lasting relationships with customers to all projects we complete for you.


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