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Wachter Holographic Integration

Creating Immersive Customer Experiences: Start Here!

Integrating Holographic Solutions Humanize Your Brand and Customer Connections


Wachter is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, and our holographic display technology is at the forefront of customer experience evolution. Our hologram integrations offer a powerful and unique way to create human connections using 3-D volumetric display technology. This constantly evolving technology gives brands a way to create truly immersive and memorable customer experiences.

By integrating holographic solutions into your shopping experience, you can create powerful customer interactions that are both live and interactive.

Whether you are looking for a way to increase live interactive experiences, product wayfinding, or in-store online ordering, integrating the right Holographic Solution is changing customers' experiences and expectations. 

Learn How Holographic Solutions are Impacting Customer Experiences: 

  • Not all Holograms are created equal, and what solution is best for you? 
  • How to increase customer loyalty programs and gain in-store foot traffic. 
  • What’s behind the walls? Is your environment able to handle this new Tech? 
  • Why do you need an integration expert to maximize your investment?

Let's chat, and learn how to foolproof your Holographic Integration!

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 Holographic solutions integrated by Wachter are changing customers' experiences and expectations.

Wachter-icon-PORTL-beam-anywhereConnect with your audience
Wachter-Icon-Public-AddressAmplify your latest products
Wachter-Icon-Facial-RecognitionAnalyze Consumer Behaviors
Wachter-icon-Nationwide-PORTL-deploymentsDeploy Holograms in Unlimited Locations Nationwide