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Wachter's Houston LBU is a reliable technology solutions integrator providing electrical contracting, staff augmentation, physical security, and business-critical services in Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast.

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Wachter’s Local Business Units (or LBUs) are strategically placed across the country, and work with local businesses in their region.

Wachter’s Houston LBU can complete any electrical or data project in almost any environment

And the team’s specializations that make them unique among electrical contractors in Houston, including:

Energy Technology Services

Energy serves is at the core of businesses in Houston and throughout Texas. Wachter's Houston LBU installs, integrates, and serves the technologies that power the energy industry.

Wachter technicians serve your critical power, renewable energy, electrical, and electrical risk management needs. Thermal imaging services pinpoint hotspots and identify issues through electrical thermography. Thermal imaging protects your critical systems from failure.

Keeping your lights on and technologies functioning efficiently is what we do. Contact us today to serve your electrical and energy needs.

Constant Presence

Wachter’s Houston LBU provides onsite support and electrical maintenance with staff augmentation service. Wachter technicians and electricians serve the technologies that keep your business running.

Need service at all times of the day? Wachter's technicians in Houston provide 24x7 services.

Contact Wachter in Houston today for constant presence and 24x7 services.

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Physical Security Solutions

Wachter installs the physical security solutions that keep your business locations protected.

Security cameras of today need to integrate into a reliable video surveillance system. Modern video surveillance systems allow for easy retrieval of footage, track security incidents, display live-stream footage from a computer or mobile device, and integrate with other security devices.

Another important physical security solution is access control. With access control technology, you can secure your location by selectively restricting secured areas of your business.

Contact Wachter's Houston LBU today for a consultation on physical security solutions in Houston.

Audiovisual Technologies

Audio and visual technologies have the power to inform, delight, and even entertain guests in your business.

Retailers use AV technologies to inform guests of new promotions. Offices use audiovisual devices to allow employees to connect easily for meetings. Entertainment venues entertain guests with captivating audio and visual experiences.

Contact Wachter's Houston LBU for an audiovisual consultation.

Additional Services:
  • Site Assessment
  • Electrical Risk-Management
  • Wireless Networking and Location Services Studies
  • System Engineering
  • Critical Power Systems
  • Pre-construction
  • Electrical Design-Build
  • BIM Modeling
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Installation
  • Service and Maintenance
  • MCC Upgrades
  • UL Panel Shop
  • Renewable Energy
  • Medium Voltage


Houston Back to Work Safely - LBU LPs

How Houston Navigates the COVID-19 Pandemic Safely

Life in Houston changed drastically because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting employees back to work safely and having customers shop safely is top priority for businesses.

Wachter has the Ultimate Back to Work Solutions Guide you can download to help your business operate safely.

In this guide, you will:

  • Receive reliable public health resources that update pandemic information routinely
  • Learn how your industry is navigating the pandemic safely
  • See innovative technologies like temperature detection, social distancing devices, and touchless hand sanitizer dispensers that help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in your business

Download the Ultimate Back to Work Solutions Guide to help your business navigate the pandemic safely.

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