What We Do

Your Single Source for Technology Design, Integration, and Support

Today’s convergence of electrical, data, security, communications, and automation into integrated intelligent building systems requires a broad range of skills and knowledge. Our engineers, project managers, and nationwide W-2 workforce of electricians and technicians have extensive experience spanning many industries and technologies.

At Wachter, we view the technologies that power your business as your organization’s DNA – an infrastructure designed to drive your unique business functions as efficiently and productively as possible. Our integrated services approach includes expertise at every step of your project.

  • Design

    Our engineers and project managers ask the right questions up front to help determine the business processes you need to implement, improve, or replace. By collaborating with owners, architects, engineers and contractors, we uncover valuable information that allows us to make recommendations to dramatically improve efficiency and save you money.

  • Implementation

    We’ll help you implement advanced technologies through new construction, national rollouts, remodels, and move-add-changes. Our project managers create a detailed pre-construction plan that includes scheduling, training, safety, testing, project closeout, and fulfilling clearly-defined stakeholder expectations.

  • Maintenance

    Businesses today are increasingly dependent on converged networks to provide them a competitive edge and Wachter is committed to keeping all of your systems up and running. From our national call center, trained technicians and electricians are dispatched 24/7/365 in GPS-equipped vehicles ready to service your network or electrical infrastructure nationwide

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