How We Do It

Collaboration through People and Processes

Teamwork is the key to successfully completing projects on-time and on-budget. Wachter is committed to collaboration from project conception to final inspection and has structured our organization accordingly by employing the brightest people supported by the best in proprietary processes and tools.

  • The Right People

    Unlike companies who typically sub-contract most or all of their field labor, Wachter utilizes its own workforce of engineers, technicians and electricians to provide system design, installation and on-going service support. Our 1,200 employees are empowered to work with you to make decisions every step of the way to ensure your business maintains maximum productivity with minimal disruption – no matter how complex the project. It is this freedom of entrepreneurial ownership that drives the collaborative spirit of our organization. Because at Wachter, we don’t just build complex systems – we build relationships.

    Driving this commitment to provide superior customer service is The Wachter Experience, where our organization continually strives to:
    • Create and foster a corporate culture focusing on superior customer service.
    • Hire, promote, and reward employees that embrace a culture of customer-focused service.
    • Develop and execute processes that ensure a consistent, predictable result at each stage of the customer lifecycle and the project/opportunity lifecycle.
    • Continuously monitor, measure, and improve our people and processes to ensure each customer is receiving the best, The Wachter Experience.

  • The Right Process

    Wachter sets itself apart by holding over 900 licenses at state, city and county levels for electrical, low voltage, video surveillance, access controls and other technologies.

    Our company subscribes to a safety goal of ZERO INCIDENTS. Wachter requires the total commitment of our workforce to our safety process, making our company one of the leaders in construction safety.

  • The Right Tools

    Wachter’s TRUST standard-based project management application highlights our values of customer focus, quality, and best practices. This tool tracks a project from the first contact through closeout and fosters collaboration by providing our internal and customer teams visibility into every project. TRUST has proven to promote more consistent execution by establishing valuable metrics to review and analyze on a customer-by-customer basis.

    TRUST offers true transparency through all stages of a project:
    • Project Initiation – Customers can initiate service calls or work order requests 24x7
    • Project Design – Define project requirements, create milestones, build schedules, establish project libraries and more.
    • Project Execution – Wachter allocates our 1,000+ W-2 technicians and electricians using GPS tracking. There’s even TRUSTmobile – a smartphone app allowing field personnel to update their status and connect to your project record.
    • Project Monitoring – Intuitive dashboards and project health indicators provide customers with real-time visibility and input throughout the project process.
    • Project Closeout – Rich reporting functionality empowers customers with the data they need.